CBD Is Still Banned in States With Legal Weed

California Public Health officials confiscated $140000 worth of cannabidiol-infused beverages from an LA warehouse. _____ Subscribe to our YouTube …

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  1. Are we supposed to feel bad because he didn’t bother to find out what the law was first? Nah! He got what he had coming to him. A little research would’ve spared himself some trouble.

  2. Here in America if it makes you feel good or better it's illegal, if it will kill you it's legal. Crazy greedy country I live in.

  3. One of the weirder questions I never see addressed or clarified. CBD is illegal when mixed with food products and drinks (falls under FDA rules), but what about the pure CBD oil only? This is a supplement, not mixed in food. Does this equate to an edible as well?

  4. Ya gotta Pay to Play with the big boy's son, I use 22%CBD OIL for PAIN and it's raw and bitter BUT IT WORKS. Stick with your dreams ~

  5. 1.Fuck the FDA, they are an inbred mutated homunculus of their former selves.
    2.What did you expect from such a screwed up state as California, give me break.

  6. Them: Let’s make an industry and tax weed! It’ll be great.

    Me: No, the government will fuck it up.

    Govt: Fucks it up.

    Them: Pikachu_face.jpg

  7. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  8. The government is like shit on your heel. Hard to get off and it stinks.

  9. It's NOT a "strange phenomena", you just need to understand why certain laws exist, and who are the real benefactors from not the law itself, but from the enforcement of said law . . . even if said law does not exist. People need to realize that politicians do not work for us, and laws are not enacted to protect us, but rather to protect the elite or provide them with more power and/or control.

  10. This is weird because hemp is legal in Kentucky, while CBD is illegal in California, despite marijuana being legal? Government…

  11. I work at a convience store in NC, and we sell CBD products, and they sell greate. I have many regular customers that take it everyday for everything from anxiety to swollen ankles.

  12. Why didn't the dude studied the law before starting the business. Burocracy are often assohles but get well informed before selling a product with an illegal substance in it. It's crazy that beverages with all sorts of chemicals are allowed but one that actually has a well known natural calming effect is banned

  13. Anti-anxiety drugs are associated with every single mass shooting since Columbine… CSU refused to allow my research papers on CBD in '88… PharmChem & DOJ are tools of global tyranny.

  14. Dumbass right wingers:Urr California is a communist state that won't let people sell cannibis products! He should come to Texas, where….. it''s…. illegal to smoke weed and… where Tesla can't sell you a car without going through the dealership organizations and…. where they lock your ass up because you dared to get high. But don't worry, you can can still get blackout drunk yeehaaaw!

  15. You need to recognize it’s a threat to pharmaceutical companies. You are stepping on their sales. Get real.

  16. and this is because of FDA and health dept regulations. Cant put it in food yet. But you can sell it as an extract.

  17. I can see a certain logic in CBD being treated as a prescription drug, and therefore not be sold over the counter to anyone, and included as an ingredient of a food item. There would need to be hard evidence to back up the risk of harmful effects when use is not supervised by a medical professional though. I don’t know enough about it myself to have an opinion.

  18. They are going to monopolize the weed biz so if you dont already have tons of money it's pointless unless you wanna be a budtender, manager of a dispensary, or someone who makes the products like a slave. Rich liberals have taken over. That farm bill was to take peoples farms to use for marijuana and hemp crops.

  19. all laws are terrorism by definition.

    if the government tries to steal your stuff, or tries to kidnap you, its your natural right to kill the terrorists (cops) in self defense…… if cops want to live… they can, and will, live in peace…. live in peace, or die, its THAT simple. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  20. CBD is legal in several states, even states without legalized marijuana. So, that title is misleading.

  21. I realize this isn’t the answer they’re asking for… but why not operate in another state that doesn’t have this issue and if bet has better tax structure?

  22. Humulus Lupulus (Hops) which is used in beer making has CBD in it, just say it's from that or actually extract it from that.

  23. It's legal in Georgia and my little brother is bi polar and was recommended it by his doctor but my mom is stupid and freaked out and said no.

  24. This is such an abuse of the law, it's non psychotropic meaning it doesn't get you high but it does relieve pain and anxiety that the big pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know because they would rather have you strung out like a lab rat on drugs like fentanyl oxycodone and other mind distorting drugs that eventually will get you hooked, and then they will cut you off.
    why are they making such a big deal out of an oil that doesn't get you high but relieves pain but on the other hand you can smoke the flower which does get you high and they can manipulate
    I think I just exposed the reason

  25. Don't drug your fucking dog, dummies. And this dude looks like a fucking weirdo. What is that shirt? Are you a medieval earl? I seriously struggle to give a fuck about this nonsense. Yeah, I guess, fine. I support him. But I do not like him.

  26. CBD is magic,I have a spinal injury I have to live with the rest of my life. I used to eat so much ibuprofen it was dangerous,to no avail,I was always in pain. Then I found CBD oil, I get 500mg bottle and take a dropper load a day, within 15 minutes of ingestion I feel zero pain and since it has no psychoactive affects I can work while using it. My life quality is 100% better for it. It being illegal is criminal on the part of government. Where I live in Hawaii,it's totally legal and thank God for that.

  27. I wonder if Big Pharma are the puppeteers keeping the medicinal part out of the public's hands? Plants should not be legal or illegal. If legal, the government gets money from licensing and fees. If illegal, the government gets money from fines and imprisonment. Either way, the government just likes money. The government should have no business in regulating plants. There are already laws on the books that make harming someone else or their property, illegal, and a system for harmed people to get restoration. The only time that 'why' harming someone else or their property should matter to a court is for mercy's sake when some damage happened for some greater reason, such as property damage to save lives. Then, the charges should be dropped, in my opinion.

  28. He wants rationailty from Big Government? Bet he votes for Big Government.

  29. CBD from hemp is illegal, but legal if from marijuana. Now that's an absurdity only governments could create. Liberty works better than assuming citizens are children of government rather than adults with agency.

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