CBD Is Better For Sleep Than Ambien | Joe Rogan & Ben Greenfield

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1235:

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  1. Joe your a diq head. you take every opportunity to talk shit about presents. trump. Fuq You puss ie.

  2. Ambient eventually just made me mean and I had to quit. I take full spectrum CBD now and sleep like a baby. Of course I eliminated the stresses that were causing my insomnia. I’m 58 and have led a very active sometimes punishing lifestyle and I must say my chronic inflammation is for the most part gone. I’m a believer in CBD and no longer take NSAIDs like M&Ms!

  3. I cover my face with a plastic and the lack of oxygen let’s me sleep in about 2-3 minutes

  4. 3:34 … everyone wants an instant fix. I'm a recovering benzo addict so I know how horrible life can get when you treat your body poorly and not regulate naturally.

  5. "they just want a drug.. they just want a pill.." eh, WHAT THE FUCK IS THE DIFFERENCE??? Fucking idiots. As if weed/thc/cbd isn't a fucking drug because it's legal now. Where does codeine/morphine come from? Opium Poppy's! You don't even need to go through all the trouble of cutting and scraping and extracting the wax from the poppy pods, you can just take the fucking dried opium poppy pods and make tea with them and drink it… You're still taking in morphine. (Heroin is nothing more than diacetylmorphine, btw).

    Open a textbook and do some research. Read some abstracts on PubMed. It's not like back in the day when you needed a password to read MedLine. Ffs

  6. It's been proven that melatonin is worthless for insomnia, because you can't ingest enough to provide any benefit.

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  8. Evolution extracts has the real deal full spec been doing it since 2011. used to only be in dispensaries. Evolutionextracts.com check em out on IG, thousands of followers . They were doing CBD way before the hype

  9. I don’t think ambien is for everyone. Because they don’t have the mindset to control addiction….but ambien has given me some of the best sleep I’ve had in years. With that being said I am exploring cbd more

  10. Politicians can’t sleep because they are ruining the world. 🤣 I love Joe!

  11. If you make your brain stronger and don’t take any bullshit from the status quo, then everything will work itself out.
    I think people of today are cry babies, weak and absorb anything and everything that is jammed down their throats.
    The more active you are, the harder you work, the better you will sleep.
    This guy sounds like a freakin robot, I don’t know him, but I’m willing to listen for now.

  12. A big one not mentioned here is just cutting out caffeine. I might just be a slow metabolizer though. A lot of people are and they don't even know it. It also makes me more anxious in general.

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