CBD Flower: Amazing Smell and Effect, 10/10 CBD Product! (Cascadia Blooms Review 2019)

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and effect of these CBD Flowers. The 1oz bag of Pineberry has 12.1% CBD, CBDa, CBG, and CBN. Cannabanoids vary …

CBD Essence
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  1. That's what we used to call "Puff The Magic Dragon". Don't know if I'd smoke(inhale) it, but I would use it for smoking(bbq) and/or a bad ass rub/seasoning.

  2. Thanks This helps out alot I'm a smoker too bro nd I'm see this site up. Ur a big help for us all

  3. Thanks for the great review. I'll be trying this brand soon. Glad I came across this video those nugs look awesome. ✌️

  4. Please do a review on the Herb King top flower!!! It's supposed to be the best tasting CBD flower there is.

  5. Great review Cascadia is one of my new favs 💚 just subbed your channel 💪🏼

  6. I haven’t noticed any effects from hemp flower worth paying for. I bought some good quality hemp flower from a diff Oregon company than mentioned here. I tried their Russian Automatic(RNA) strain: CBD: 13.89 % – CBDa: 14.96%, CBD: 0.77% Delta9-THC: 0.07% and felt only a tiny bit sleepy, nothing else. I’ve vaped it twice in my Firefly 2 and just smoked a big bowl of it an hr ago from my pipe. No mood lifting effects like they claim, and very very minimal muscle relaxation.
    I’m not sold of the stuff.

  7. I bought an ounce of Special Sauce from Cascadia recently and got 45% with a one time use coupon code. They sent me some gorgeous flower. Sticky, dank smell, strong effects. The price is more than i'm accustomed to paying but there's no denying the quality. It's premium bud.

  8. wowow,; nice review ! i wanna try it so bad ( and i just bought a vaporizer…) so yeah! But only issue is that you guyz are in USA, and i don't know if you can ship to EU… Can you?
    I already had a bad experience from an other USA vendor… block in custom… even tho it is a legal product. For now i buy on plantandhemp.com , they have good quality vendors and various Brand.

    Can't wait for the CBD market to have a real good legislation, i wanna thast Hemp from USA !

  9. Thank you! We just saw this review online and want to tell folks, this is a customer. We did not send a sample nor did he request one. Super awesome and thanks for making our day. We added a coupon: BESTDOSAGE19

  10. I just tried Cascadia for the first time and am super impressed. I got the sour space candy strain. Tastes just like sour diesel. Great video, you are very calm and well spoken. Keep it up.

  11. Great review man, glad to see another cbd flower reviewer!

    You got a new subscriber 🙂

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