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CBD DOSAGE FOR DOGS – How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

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  1. – I just found out my Labradoodle has most likely got cancer, blood test showed high levels of Calcium and she's been losing weight and not interested in in her most favorite of treats. she's almost 10yrs old, we assumed she was just getting arthritis in her hips. It's technically my fathers dog and neither of us would put a dog through chemo and i can't afford and neither can my dad to run all the tests to be sure. from armchair investigating using what info i had it would seem its likely Melanoma that spread to her bones, and the high calcium levels in her blood are from her bones breaking down. For the last 5ish years we've used a groomer so she gets bathed and trimmed that way. I decided to wash her myself and when clean and under water you can see her skin is just covered in hundreds of black spots that she did not have before.

    Anyway, the Vet prescribed Tramadol, however it seems to be making her appetite loss even worse so I ordered 1 gram of %99+ pure CBD Isolate.. It kinda looks like its in a powder form from the picture, (hasn't arrived yet, late due to processing error) I'm really hoping it comes with some sort of measurement tool and chart. I got a bunch of 20mg thc treats that I hope will help when her appetite loss gets really bad.

  2. You need THC and CBD together which can fight cancer and other disease !

    CBD by itself is not going to do that .

  3. Love this video…..important to know since I give my cats CBD oil that I also use 💟🐕🐱💟

  4. The medical study I read said pets with seizures can be controlled 100% in 50% of dogs on cbd. And only partial seizure control in 49% in the rest 1% it has no effect . I started weaning my dog off phenobarbital she has been on half her life . On the PB label it talkes about in elderly the dose may need to be adjusted due to side effects . My dog started having strange symptoms no energy , comatose , ataxia , depressed respitory function . I started weaning her very slowly off the Pb she did well until last Saturday she went into a 3 cluster seizures back to back that went status . I did the rectal Valium and it slowed the seizure down but she was still in a seizure so I drove her to the vet they gave her Midazolam and it did not stop it so they gave her the Aed drug keppra and it stopped it finally . Now she’s on keppra , cbd at night and 2 mg of PB I would like to get her off the PB completely but am scared now . Cbd is great but it may not be the smoking gun for all pets with seizures .

  5. What about the dose for a 37 pound dog suffering from cancer? i would really appreciate an answer, thank you!

  6. I have a female american bulldog an she takes hemp oil from vivianscbd …I like the way it works…

  7. Should anyone be interested in other CBD products for pets please visit my website. Over 70 CBd products to choose from for every member of your family. Please message me if you have any questions regarding my products

  8. I have an 11 yr old Boxer with advanced cancer that has spread into her lymphnodes. She has had 2 mast cell removals. She has been given about 5 months. I am giving her CBD oil from Innovet as well as Comfort Gold from Pet Well Being, which is not CBD oil, but an herbal mixture that seems to work really well for pain and anxiety. I was giving that to her before I started using CBD oil… which has been in the past week. I really hate how Innovet's dosing chart works. I find it confusing and vague. So I am not even sure what I should be giving her for cancer. I only have been giving her 6 drops 2X a day. My question is, is there any risk of interaction between the herbal mixture of Comfort Gold and CBD oil?

  9. Thank you so much for this! New subscriber!
    I have 2 Chihuahuas with collapsing trachea and heart issues and a Pitbull mix with chronic regurgitation – I’m really hoping this can help get them off their medication and in better health!

  10. I feel so stupid because I get confused when you said drops .
    ..are you saying drops are the same as a dropper full …? or do you literally mean drops ?

  11. I have treated my epileptic mini dachshund daily for the last 7 months and she has not had a seizure yet. She used to have about 3 a month, this stuff really is amazing, im glad i no longer have to use perscription drugs, the cbd works better and is much healter for her then the prescription meds she was given

  12. Thanks for this dosage guide video. I also use CBD on my dog as well as for myself and have videos of our CBD journey. Your video and site will be a great resource to point people toward.

  13. My 34 lb Sharpei/Beagle is a picky eater and he loves a dropper of CBD oil on his biscuit treat.

  14. Very helpful. Thanks bro! Just gave my 10 lb dachshund a few drops for the first time for her allergies. 100mg coconut oil tincture. Waiting to see how it works for her.

  15. What about flavor types such as bacon, does that affect the strength of the oil?

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