Cannabis will be a big issue in 2020: Brady Cobb

SOL Global Investments CEO Brady Cobb on the future of the cannabis industry. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time …

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  1. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  2. Funny how the “law” wants to control what people do with their own lives & bodies. smh

  3. and let me say this too.. cut the crap! recreational in all 50 states for adults 21 and older… should be allowed!!! an adult that is 21 should have the right to choose whether or not they want to use cannabis or alcohol or cigarettes… cannabis is healthier and safer than both of those products! wake up people!

  4. Legalize Recreational in 50 States or ill give all my money to colorado lol jk… but seriously it should be all 50 states… these old lies are not working anymore, cannabis is a good thing.

  5. Medicinal, recreational, just make it legal period. I gave it up 12 years ago, permanently, but I see nothing wrong with it. Let people make their own decisions what to do with their own lives.

  6. They want to compare marijuana to alcohol? They don't even come close to comparison. Big Pharma just wants another reason to corrupt our health.

  7. So governments going to exclude everything except what they can tax. Which will be pot, alcohol and cigarettes. Go big Pharma! I can't wait till we take you down!
    #SWS #MAGA

  8. USA made Cannabis illegal, and forced FN nations to follow.
    Now USA needs to undo 60 years of damage, in all the West !
    100% free Cannabis, if people want to grow the plant, like a tomato, then go for it.
    And its not "legalize" its "decriminalization" !

  9. Using marijuana or any other drug make people become mentally ill aka liberals/leftists/libtards.

    Conservatives and nationalists must be AGAINST legalization of drugs.

  10. Recreational is medical, basically people who don't want to trouble with a doctor entry fee, or hyper-regulated healthcare. Cannabis is the historic, aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, but far safer than even those over the counter products. No one in history has ever died from too much cannabis. Advil on the other-hand kills tens of thousands..

  11. More information should be put out to the public about the addictive aspect of weed. And negative stigma associated with use

  12. A coffeshop in the Netherlands put many seeds in heliumballoons and let them fly with the wind!😂

  13. Just pass a federal law making it legal. Enough is enough already. It’s proven safe.

  14. Cannabis is kind of a risky business, because it's a product that individuals can easily grow for themselves. The amount of revenue available by taxing it has a pretty low ceiling, because if you tax it at a high rate, people will just grow their own (or go back to the black market, which is still going strong on other drugs).

  15. 4-point plan to clean up our streets:
    1. End the War on Drugs.
    2. Reform the Welfare System, put fathers back in the home, and make people WORK for the handout.
    3. Give parents School Choice.
    4. Have cops enforcing laws protecting persons and property. Period. (Kind of #1, but bears repeating).

  16. Between a drunk and stoned give me one stoned person anyone .check it out DO a survey

  17. Legal weed so decreased demand 4 Mexican weed, the cartels now fill their trucks with :. fentanyl, meth Coke & black tar& heroin pills that look like oxycontin & China designer drugs. Gee thanks!

  18. I like smoking dope, but it’s not helping a single healthy person. It’s fun sure, but it doesn’t do anything positive. If anything it allows you to live in your own defined world. Ambitions hit all time lows, motivation is basically prehistoric. It’s worse with kids

  19. LEGALIZE IT COAST to COAST ….. already time to catch up with the 21st century

  20. Hell, Utah passed medical Marijuana. The feds aren’t far behind would be my guess.

  21. They making what minorities get arrests for legal for them because they can spend 500k to start it up

  22. there is no where in our constitution of any scientific justification for its prohibition.

  23. The drug war is an extension of the temple dwellers telling the nature worshipers what to do….the whole thing violates the first amendment rights to religious freedom….the government has picked a state religion called temple dwellers and persecutes the nature worshipers….

  24. I still don't understand why cannabis isn't legal across the board. I have smoked it before and enjoyed it but not enough I would rather have a coffee. But for the life of me I don't understand why people demonize it. I also don't understand why people make it out to be the magic heal all drug with no side effects. I would rather the argument be "we are adults let us decide to smoke it or not and the government GTFO out of our lives." Again it's not magic, the best thing in the world, or the one all cure all but it is not evil or even bad.

  25. Repeal all cannabis prohibition. It's a PLANT, by golly. Stop putting good people in prison for a PLANT.

  26. Let's be honest, the only reason Marijuana and Cannabis were made illegal in the United States was due to racism. It was a big part of the Eisenhower Administration's Deportation Operation to justify the deportation of large segments of the Latin communities in Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and California to Mexico and further South. Then, Marijuana was singled out and used as an excuse by the Nixion Administration (DEA) to harass both the Hispanic and the Black communities.

  27. "We saw that 3-4 years ago"
    No one cared when a majority of Americans called for marijuana to be legalized, they only care when it's profitable and they want to make a cut as well.

  28. It's been a big issue for the last fifty f**** years. No candidate who is openly anti-marijuana will win another election 4 president of the United States.

  29. Let the flood gates open, cannabis replacing opioids, 250-500 billion dollar world cannabis market. I hope you own some Aurora Cannabis stock because that's your best bet for an early retirement.

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