Cannabis: Time for a Change? | BBC Newsbeat

As countries across the world look to decriminalise cannabis, Jim Connolly asks whether it’s time to change the law on the UK’s most popular illegal drug.

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  1. Why not have a pint ?
    Because I have liver disease and my GP recommended I smoke weed instead

  2. The UK are the only country to differentiate between "skunk" and herbal weed. Skunk is just a strain people for the 70s people, educate yourselves. Britain is scarily backward regarding cannabis, shocking.

  3. If people want a harmful drug (alcohol) they'll buy it. Let them. If people want a safe medication, let them access it. Fuck all bs laws

  4. Hahahah telling your son to take brown than bud c'mon man this woman is talking fart

  5. Just fucking legalize already innocent people are getting criminal records effecting the chances of them getting jobs. People against it say that it gives them paranoia. The reason they get paranoia is because they're worried about getting caught

  6. Big Pharma is keeping cannabis shut down but the people are waking up .I think the baby boomers are going to make it legal thank God.

  7. Update for this video- It’s legal in Canada! Purchased through the government!! And it’s good s**t!

  8. I'm from Sweden, and people here use and abuse alcohol worst in the world perhaps, think it would be very good to make cannabis legal, less violence less overdoses. So since cannabis is a way safer and softer drug just make it happen plz plz

  9. people with mental health issues should avoid cannabis and psychedelics cause it make the condition worse, other than that you don't have a problem

  10. The father needs to blame something for his son'sdeath I feel bad for him but if it makes them feel better I won't argue.

  11. That lady crazy? Saying heroin is better to take and smoking weed? What a fool. Does she really think thats going to work? Heroin is deadly “i should know” i almost died and many people i know have died from it.

  12. Why just you dont have a pint instead of smoking? What a stupid question. Alcohol should be illegal. It’s backwards. People are going to do whatever they want. You cannot stop people from that

  13. Skunk addiction? PMSL! Let me put it to you like this i have smoked "skunk" for 18 years and never touched another drug. Never even thought about touching anything else. I was put on anti depressants when i was 15 my prescription changed every month because they couldn't find anything that helped . I tried this shit for 3 years with out smoking "skunk" and it fucked me up worse than weed ever would. I suffer with manic depression and the only thing that i have found that helps is weed. So in my opinion your boy had problems before the weed and like most who have mental problems they dont face them they just drown them with something else like drink, crack, cocaine and heroin. He just chose the wrong thing to bury his problems, weed opens up your mind it doesn't close it off like the previously mentioned drugs.

  14. 29:02 "heroin and crack, it does what it says on the tin, it's physical, it's emotional, it's spiritual where as skunk is the psychotic aspect." Seriously, you've never seen crack or cocaine psychosis?!? I've smoked a lot of pot and I admit, for a small percentage of people, marijuana can bring on psychosis but I've smoked a lot of crack too, a bit of meth and I shot a lot of pills and dope. I've had some episodes with marijuana but I never found myself carpet surfing for a nug but I've found myself on the floor plenty of times digging around in the carpet for what I could swear was a lost crack rock or a tiny piece of oxy or something and I'd end up just smoking or cooking up random pieces of garbage in a full blown psychosis…

  15. what a load of shite .I don't see why the voices are apparent in smoking weed .more like smoking spice and not been aware of doing so .media completely mislead the issue on the plant from the earth as apposed to smoking synthetics .

  16. The negative effects from cannabis is something there lying about people only feel paranoid ect simply because it's illegal that alone is enough for some people to get a negative effect I could guarantee that negative effects will go down when they decriminalize all drugs just like Portugal drugs like this get the blame for conditions people already have undiagnosed metal issues and taking certain drugs bring these conditions on so it would be the same if you get a bad effect from alcohol you simple don't drink it

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