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Cannabis Stocks to Invest in 2019| M1 Finance Marijuana Stocks to Buy

In this Video I’ll be talking about stocks. That’s it. Just stocks. 馃槈 If you enjoyed the video hit that like button and subscribe for more content! M1 Finance Pie: …

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  1. I've been wanting to add a few weed stocks to my portfolio. Thanks for all the valuable information in this video. Still going to do some more research before I purchase any shares!

  2. I did really well swing trading these when I first started about 6 months ago, but now I prefer to hold long term more often than not… I only have HEXO and ACB now.

  3. What are the differences between M1 finance and Robinhood? I have debated starting a M1 finance account. But is there real differences between M1 finance and Robinhood?

  4. Aurora has distribution centers in 25 countries internationally btw. Only one out of all them in that regard.

  5. Great vid, going to wait on sidelines for Aurora to drop more. I love Aurora.

  6. Left the like. Leaving a comment for the algorithm slash engagement. Keep up the good work man. Got my fingers crossed for this to remain monetized.

  7. Great breakdown man. I got into an ETF and I have some shares in Aurora and I have been looking into CWBHF and Aphria

  8. Pot stocks seem to be down across the board right now 馃搲馃搲馃搲

  9. Innovative Industrial properties might be way more safe than othe cannbis stocks!

  10. Good video. You've got me wondering about investing in related companies like Bambu and paraphernalia vendors. Not suggesting that an upright and honorable college student would be aware of things of that nature. 馃槅

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