Cannabis Outlook 2019: ‘The American companies are coming on fast’

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  1. I heard Canada ran out of weed the 1st month they declared it recreational or whatever

  2. I farm and sell weed all the way from Nevada shelf medicinal cannabis and cannabis oil for cancer etc. Our products are sealed in a tree vacuum seal free custom even dogs can't get the scent,we transact discreetly so you can't be tracked by Corps, we offer discounts on how you buy in other to create a good business relationship.. Interested ?


  3. driving high cuz of marijuana is very dangerous to driver and pedestrians

  4. Grow your own… organic Cannabis. Don’t use chemicals, pesticides and don’t over water.

  5. Product is not getting to the consumer? Do you want to drug the entire population for your profit? Jeez

  6. see the "aluminium" top in the back drop?

    did you know that "everything"
    pot comes in contact with
    goes directly into the pot
    And!! wait wait.
    it hits the 10× potentially dangerous to people
    on the


    personal experiences.
    quit in the 80's.

  7. Here in Ontario, the government website has been out of stock of CBD products for months!

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