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TeamAng So I’ve been getting a lot of comments from you guys saying that I should take CBD Oil… Thank you all for the suggestion. But the truth is, while I was …

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  1. Everyone that says you need cod is wrong. It’s the thc that may really help you! Please don’t be discouraged. If it helps I think it would really be worth a shot

  2. Try leaky gut treatment? You could probably have a leak in your gut wall or blood-brain barrier. It would be a lot more likely that it would be a gut hole, any bacteria from your microbiome or particles that get out could go around in your body and cause things like seizures. To be honest going vegan cured my leaky gut in 90 days, a high antioxidant intake may help, I'm researching Crohn's for my daughter and it appears that whole grains in quality fiber can close gut holes.

  3. My mother had a neighbor who had two kids with seizures & they would burn sage (like incense) in the kids room at night & my mom said the kids went from 12 to 14 seizures a week to 2 seizures in a month ! Sage is known to ward off demonic presence ( paranormal activity, fits of rage, having physical marks appearing on the kids arms, back & stomach ) cats & dogs can see "spirits" & if you can catch them when they are looking at something that is not there & see if it happens before or after a seizure. You are a strong WOMAN & these attacks will stop ! In the name of JESUS CHRIST, I CLAIM A VICTORY FOR YOU !

  4. Get the CBD oil that is from the cannabis plant, not the hemp plant. Hemp CBD is not as potent or as powerful at stopping seizures as cannabis sativa/Indica is. You probably need to get it from a legal medical marijuana dispensary.

  5. "the sign says cannabis day"

    only real fans of Baylee Jae will know what i'm saying

  6. Hello I have seizures I started having seizures when I was 11 years old I have not took Cbd oil I have heard about it I have been on so many seizures medications through out the years I was even took 5 seizure medications but still didn't help seizures got worse start getting older maybe I'll try it talk to my doctor thank you for video 👍

  7. Hey Ang, I am new here today and commented on my first video that you should look into CBD oil if you hadn’t already. Now I understand why you aren’t using it. I take it for chronic pain and I know for sure that the brand and levels of CBD/THC can impact the effectiveness greatly so please don’t give up on using it. I’ve just searched for your situation and it turns out that one that has recently been found to be effective for epilepsy is Epidiolex. Get online and look up the test on that one as it is apparently working at 10mg and also slightly better at 20mg. Just make sure you look up the latest research so you don’t have to try too many more before you find the one that works. I wanted to stop taking it when I found it made my migraines worse but it has all come down to those two things/brand and amount of THC/CBD. Good luck gorgeous girl. You have got this👌👍💪🙏🏼💜

  8. Does that work or at least help? My seizures have gotten worse over the last couple months a lot worse. I know that everyone’s different , but any advice or anything that might help ,I would be so grateful . Thank you.

  9. Why do people think weed or cbd works on every one with sezuires.. I try both and man o man I was worst than I was before. 🤦 Come on people stop thinking that stuff works all the time on people with sezuires , it's how body's and brains work with it every person is different.. I have grad ma and episy

  10. If you ever need anything I’m here promise I’m not a catfish or a weirdo I’m just me! & i don’t have Seizures but i know i can relate to you in many ways! I have a car I’ll come pick you up whenever you want we can just talk or whatever you want if I’m not working i will be there! Don’t be creeped out lol my email is [email protected]

  11. Really hope you find some CBD or even if you have to get some THC to help. I've heard so so many success stories around seizures and Cannibas that I just want it to work for you too!

  12. I’ve heard cannabis oil helps for seizures, not just CBD on its own, that’s more for anxiety.

    THC is only recommended to be taken if the effects of what your experiencing are worse than the long term effects of marijuana use… which may involve short term memory loss, small decrease in IQ, and other brain damage depending on age of onset use.

    The younger age of onset the more likely the individual is to experience brain damage with daily use, past age 20-25 though you’re less likely to experience these problems.

    This is not to discourage those in need, it’s meant to show that just because marijuana can treat certain problems well, doesn’t make marijuana good for all of us alike

    – psycho grad student

  13. I just find your channel and this is the second vid I watch, so I dont know much about your condition. I just got out of my lung cancer. Managed to get rid of that f$%#@$. I know it s not the same thing. But just one thing that I can say is never to give up. I know ppl usually just say that but being positive and sometime having a strong will helps. My doctors diagnosed me as basically a dying man. Not operable stag 3b lung cancer. But I never gave up. I ll watch the rest of your vids. And keep a look for new ones. Just though some kind words might help. Sorry english is my fourth language so I might have made mistakes. Ah and frm the first vid I watched The collage, it s good that your familly is always there for you :).

  14. A 1:1 ratio of cbd to thc I hear is the best for seizures but I’m not a doctor buy I hope you can find the relief you deserve ❤️

  15. Everyone saying try CBD/THC, it doesnt work for everyone, and in few cases can cause a larger more repressed seizure, most likely why she had trouble with it. Talk to your neurologist about it before trying it, because while it does work for people, it can worsen their conditions like what she said. Also these people you buy CBD from, only really know about what they are selling, or sometimes sell it simply because it worked for them.
    Also it cuts back on seizures for some because it slows brain functions, thats not good depending on your diagnosis.

  16. I have a family member that has suffered from seizures most of his life and since he started smoking weed he rarely has them anymore! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  17. You need charolettes web cbd. But also you need to look up interactions between cbd and certain meds. The combination of cbd and an interacting med can cause a rise in seizures. Full spectrum RSO or even a 6:2 cbd:THC ratio RSO would be so much better for you. It’s what we have my father on since he was just diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and the tumor is causing massive seizures. We offset it from his other medications (no known interactions, hence why we offset it just Incase) by a couple hours. I hope this helps. Cbd, THC, and delta-8 THC are good for brain function and natural stimulation of the endocannabinoid system in our bodies.

  18. Guys if y'all have any specific experiences you need to send her some phone numbers and what organizations are helping these cases you've witnessed they're are way too many cbd oils and thc oils that won't do shit for seizures help her find the right one..

  19. You need to find the right strain the right cbd or thc that works for you get multiple opinions from experts there are some really good people in the marijuana industry who make it a goal to help people like you. You need to speak to a medical marijuana specific doctor.. just remember doctors get paid to treat not to cure it's about finding the one that actually cares.. good luck and god bless I'll be praying for you..

  20. Marajuana is a gateway drug please stay away from cbd oils and or Thc there is no studies proven that either help. The people commenting this bs are just tree hugging hippies trying to convince themselves that they are not drug addicts! #BIGFACTS

    Continue doing what you & your mom are doing dont listen to the junkies.

  21. Smoke weed and see what happens I mean you’ve tried everything and you only live once so give it a try and please document it please!

  22. Real THC is what helps, CBD might help with stress but you need actual THC and it some times takes a month for you to see any difference.

  23. Have you looked into Zeolite Clay? And the even smaller version of it clinoptilolite? I've taken it in the past for heavy metals detoxing. It binds to heavy metals, radio active materials, and a host of other horrid toxins. It crosses the blood brain barrier. It does not bind to your much needed minerals so you won't be stripped needing to supplement. I'm not sure everything you've tried. Just throwing it out there. There is a book I read called G.A.P.S. a doctor healed her son's autism caused by vaccines by healing his leaky gut. I know you don't have that but it might shed some insight. Have you looked into red light laser therapy? It penetrated deep healing on a cellular level.
    I sure hope you find something that gets rid of these seizures. You are such an amazing person. Strong, brave, beautiful, courageous and worth every effort!!! Keep fighting, you will get there!! You're on my prayer list sweet Angelique. Oh and your mother is amazing! What a rock and blessing to have her by your side. I'm sure you get a lot of your attributes from her 🥰

  24. You need Jesus. Go to a full gospel church and let them pray for you. God still heals. And he wants to heal you. Just like he did for so many people with your problem. Go to YouTube and look for HOW JESUS HEALED ME . God bless you ! And don’t let anyone discourage you going to Church. You will never regret it ! I promise!

  25. I 100% agree with the other comments that you should try THC. The oils are best because they can be place under the tongue and get into your system faster than smoking or eating. There are studies done with THC and seizures but just because CBD didn't work for you, doesn't mean THC won't. Sending so much love your way..🤗

  26. The cannabis strain specifically grown for this goal is charlottes web. You should give that a try before discarding cannabis products. It takes some expermenting to find what is right for you, but so many people have extremely good results.

  27. I don't trust cbd oil that a doctor like that would prescribe you need the real legit oil from marijuana clinics. rick Simpson oil I heard works well! I just don't trust doctors giving it, mixed and downgraded with random stuff. They're just making money off that crap to get you to keep trying it. THC oil all cannabanoids.

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