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Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically to kill cancer cells. The Craft Grower Series second season. …

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  1. Thank you for bringing up the importance of the right mindset when fighting an illness. Most doctors wonโ€™t talk about that, but rather they dwell on the most negative aspects of the situation which actually brings about more illness. Not good for the patient… good for their bank account though!

  2. Always enjoy watching your videos man ๐Ÿ˜Ž cheers chef ๐Ÿป from: Ontario ๐ŸŒฑ

  3. I love your smile Chef B … Keep on fighting !!! Much love and respect Sir !!!

  4. Having beaten an aggressive cancer a few years ago, as a long time greenhouse grower/seed breeder I am shocked at many of the well meaning, but misguided, suggestions to cure cancer. Ive grown and use several CBD strains and while they have many useful applications, it is not a cure all and should not be used as such. Unless youโ€™re an Oncologist or have had cancer donโ€™t give people medical advice. Your advice may do more harm than good. Good Health to All and Best Wishes Chef. Thanks for all your informative videos

  5. Very inspiring! Keep up those organics. And check out Stephanie Seneff, ( if you haven't already) great research scientist! Thanks Chef Butts!!โ˜บ๐Ÿ’•

  6. Sending my strength and positivity into the universe for you and those who need it.
    Looking good a sounding great B!

  7. This stuff can kill cancer cells with no negative side effects and the government has been putting people in jail for having it, for growing it, for giving it to other people…

  8. You are spot on with not listening to grimreaper docs, and how you can be programmed to many times have we not seen people after being told they have short time left, and then they die at estimated time..
    Best wishes for your recovery Derek!
    Ps. i just found you and you got a new sub:-)

  9. all respect to you chef. thank you for being such a good teacher and role model.

  10. Chef Derek Butt are you in remission yet sir? I am a strain hunter and am wanting to find 2 or 3 strains to keep growing. So far I've grown purp queen, special queen, Aurora indica, caramel kush, cheese. My new genes are mango, bubble gum, choc kush, northern lights. Chef what are a few of the best strains you have grown in terms of thc/cbd levels and yield?

  11. Hey Chef my mother in laws cancer well they found a little bit in her brain today how do I start her out on the rick Simpson oil? Please can you or your boy get back to me please

  12. You are an inspiration to me and I am sure many others…..I love your video's … Oh and yes I purchased your books. Here in Ny it is not legal yet but getting there. Kick it man Kick it!! Sending Good Vibes to you Chef B! Peace n Love

  13. When you are better you will restore faith in herbal medicine for millions of people and you will certainly go down in history for it!

  14. Fuck ya Chef B. Taking notes to help the future generations. Im local Chef, and love your show

  15. I asked the question that I did because I don't have the money to afford to purchase your medical marijuana guide that tells you how to treat my cancer. But that is something that I plan on saving up for

  16. I have a question about cannabinoid treatment. I am in 4 years of remission for pure seminoma testicular cancer. I had my right testicle removed Vernon operation and went through chemo roughly 4 going on 5 years ago, I have a mass developing on my left testicle that is becoming solid in a longer fleshy and I'm under suspicion and in fear that it might be coming back I plan on going to get a chemo mapping done to confirm that way I don't have to have my last testicle removed for biopsy. Other than diet because I have looked up that and I know what foods to follow, what kind or form of cannabinoid treatment would you most recommend? I am not asking for a diagnosis, and I'm not asking for actual treatment just a starting point. I use CBD oil what milligram should I start with? Or any other form that you think might work better? I plan on following a strict treatment plan with my cancer doctor, am I cancer doctor wants me to use CBD oil treatment and or cannabinoid treatment of any kind along with the treatment that they suggest. I'm just curious from someone who's going through a similar situation on where to start with the assisted CBD and or cannabinoid treatment?

  17. God bless my brotha. Sorry if youโ€™re not a religious man but ill have enough faith for the both of us. Love your page. just started growing and harvested my first two ladies this month. Your page helped me a lot with growing organically.

  18. hope u beat it and God leads you to the truth – physical and spiritual 'ye must be born again ' good luck

  19. Hi Derek. I follow you on YouTube for quite some time. I was so sad when I've heard the bad news from you and I'm still shocked. I wish you the best and I send you some of my courage to keep on fighting this fucking pathology. I keep some to stay in good shape as I need to. I hope you'll win the fight. This is my first comment on Youtube since its creation I think. The show must go on buddy! I believe in you, your wisdom, your strongness and your courage! Sorry for my Belgian English but I know you will receive my positive message as I hope it is! I wish you a fast and beautiful recovery. Peace bro. See you in your next video.

  20. Do you know how to make 80/20 cbd oil? I was told it is best for severe depression and anxiety. I don't understand how to get that ratio I would appreciate any information that you could give

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