Growing Cannabis


In this episode we check in on my flowering marijuana plants – cannabis indoor growing. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button 🙂 This …

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  1. I placed my seed under my fridge in a wet paper towel to make it germinate. The seed sprouted but just for 0,2 centimeter… is it possible it was to hot under my fridge?…

  2. Excellent video as always. Good times hanging out last week, see you again soon! -Chris

  3. Awesome videos new sub to your channel we’re can I get seeds to start growing

  4. Hey my leaves on my plant are turning white what dose that mean im a New grower so plz help idk if im doing it right ive had it about 4 month's its starting to flower i think…

  5. Do you trim the tops of your autoflower flowers early on to assist with stacking the colas?

  6. I pull my leaves off when they finish turning color and have sucked all the sugars out.

  7. Is there a site that would have a list or best advice to manage ailments/difficencies you may come a ross in a grow??

  8. Nice Channel my friend,peace and love from Michigan…….keep it green

  9. No I'm not clipping leaves that late into flower but I'll tuck leaves back and I have a method to hook back fan leaves onto each other so not to shade the colas

  10. Those AC Infinity fans are the shit!! Hardly had to use my dehumidifier this grow!

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