Growing Cannabis

Cannabis Four Plant Home Grow System

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  1. just wanted to say love your videos but wanted to ask is the HLG 550 LED too much for 4-5 plants ?

  2. Hello Chef,
    Have you heard of or have you ever used Jack’s 3,2,1?
    It awesome plant food, and 1/3 the cost of liquid nutes.👍🏼

  3. You& the ladies are looking great Chef 🙂 Another great video 🌱 Thanks for all you Share! Cheers🌱✌️

  4. Best way to keep deer off ur plants. How long do u need to cage. them for

  5. Whoever gave him a thumbs down is just an asshole. He gives correct info and is obviously passionate about the plant . So fuck off.

  6. thank you chef B for all your informative videos we really appreciate your wisdom!

  7. My plant is about 8 weeks old an it’s showing tricones that are milky in colour, is it time to harvest?

  8. Thanks for using our led grow light mars pro ii 320 led and grow tent.

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