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Cannabis edibles to become legal in December | Power & Politics

Health Canada has released new regulations for cannabis edibles ahead of the products’ legalization in mid-December. Packaging must be child-proof and not …

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  1. It does not make any sense. The legal cannabis states in USA are way better than this Canadian Cannabis Industry. 10mg per pack??? And I dont understand why it is taking more than a year for them to just legalize edibles when capsules and oil is already legal. Oil and Capsules are also basically sort of edibles. Honestly, this Canadian Cannabis industry is so messed up.

  2. 吸大麻后人会变得慵懒,迟钝,智力减退。在吃了甜大麻零食糖果后,更多的加拿大人会又胖又笨又懒。没人干活经济会持续下滑。然后政府继续增税补贴国库,最后大家一起挨穷当homeless people.特鲁多为了给自己违法使用大麻的兄弟脱罪,为了让自己全家合法吸,拉着全加拿大的未来一起跳河。特鲁多我恨你。顺便说句,他一点也不帅。刀螂身材傻逼脑子笑得跟个皱包子一样滚粗

  3. Only a matter of time before Trump follows suit with this. It has to clearly state that it has cannabis in it on the box and I don't want this stuff to creep into our daily food products. It should be available for those who want it.

  4. Meanwhile it's still alright to manipulate children into becoming sugar fiends.

  5. The black market is the best way to get weed I’ll rather get my stuff from ppl I see than trusting my government these the same ppl that’s feeding us clone meat don’t trust the government

  6. These Edibles are not good for us our government is killing us slowly through tho Weed being Legalized Canada is up to something

  7. Great job to Trudeau, Canada got a head start on the competition. The rest of the world following now. US Fed could be last to legalize in Western world. Pain relief to stress to sleep etc.
    Fantastic job. Provincial implementation meh, especially Ford.

  8. Can't sell Canola or Pork, but Justin says "Step right up and get your pot……..and remember to vote Liberal………….how sad for Canada

  9. Completely uninformed segment… from Katie’s very poor joke to a general lack of knowledge on even what a topical or an extract is…. 😬 fire your producer.

  10. I was still buy black-market pot cuz it taste better doesn't stink up the environment like the garbage at these brick-and- mortar stores cell and the children will still get a hold of Edibles no matter what you will do to it I'm 65 now they had 52 years to control the sell alcohol it's still being given to children I was drinking that nonsense when I was 12 don't drink much of it anymore but will not buy brick-and-mortar pot that's totally government nonsense I have make my own edibles

  11. I've never met a highly motivated person who uses pot regularly in my life. Trudeau is just enabling a generation of dog fuckers. Thanks!

  12. Can we stop working and just get high all day now? Gouvernent funded drugs would be nice too along with free codeine and opium samples.

  13. Cigarette companies are criticized for having kid friendly advertisement, but marijuana companies make their stuff look like actual candy from the store

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