Cannabis beer: Does it have a market?

Seven years ago, Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. Since then, that list of states and the size of the market, …

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  1. Here in Texas we have a lot of old farts Republicans who will oppose this beers. That's a shame, since they make millions from alcohol and beer companies and are more far damaging to the human system.

  2. Oh great. Must be a lot of companies already in line to prove themselves as legit competition
    big pharma: see I told you it was to dangerous to legalize

  3. time for all americans to get clear-eyed about cannabis. the next potus needs to run on full legalization in every state!

  4. This is great and all but we need federal legalization for people 25+ (your brain is fully developed at 25) with exceptions for medical treatment for younger people . Then law enforcement still gets to lock people for selling to minors and law abiding adults get lit 🔥 and we get to actually study find which strands do what what all the different types of thc, cbd, ternpens and other chemicals actually do etc so everyone can get the right strand for them, win win

  5. Yes its a market for it in every store across america! Yes glad they took the alcohol out of it because Alcohol has killed thousands of people world wide while marijuana has kiled no one anywhere! Facts!

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