Canadians celebrate legal weed

On Oct. 17, Canada became the largest country to legalize recreational pot. Here’s how Canadians reacted across the country. To read more: …

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  1. Never thought I'd see the day. All you young college fucks enjoy this. Bah gawd if it had been legalized sooner.. The pardon thing is really nice too. Don't like Trudeau as a politician but this was a good move on his part.

  2. It wasnt legalized, it was monetized. 50 bucks for 3.5 grams. 672 Dollar fine for smoking in public, improper storage in a vehicle etc.

  3. Oh its still negative, the government is claiming 100% control over it. What makes them think they have to regulate this natural plant, oh ya the tax. I don't see them going after non taxed vegetable growers.
    The laws on cannabis they put in place are sickening, they made it so all cannabis products and seeds have to be purchased and taxed through their unjust system. Now their talking about prosecuting people who buy from the black market, if your caught with illegal weed then you might be charged……… I'm blown away how obvious it is that their laws are in place to generate more revenue,plain and simple

  4. ok and alcohol is everywhere..marijuana has been proven to have MANY benefits…and its a plant, herb not a DRUG…whats the health benefits of whisky & vodka…??? i'll wait

  5. Why are non of the people that are worried about weed smokers not as worried about people drinking beer weed don’t change you as a person like beer it’s the devils drug weed is proven too help so many people including myself

  6. Now Canadians are going to say sorry 20 times more than usual now

  7. What an enlightened country Canada is. Well done Canada you have my respect.

  8. Canadians: woo legal weed!

    blond Canadian: carrying one of everything I'm pretty exited aboot it

  9. Imagine the first person in lines card getting declined on film in front of tons of people

  10. Weed in holland is way cheaper come to holland yarrak kafali callouiyar

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