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Canadian Marijuana Sector Technical Analysis Chart 4/12/2019 by

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  1. Thanks man you definitely have me starting to understand analysis a lot more just have to keep watching your videos

  2. Hey Dan any thoughts on medipharm labs. Just wondering as u were covering it. I'm currently 100 percent portfolio all in on labs

  3. Have you ever done a stop buy on one of these names in the morning that didn't fill? I sat and watched CGC blow past my order, watched it for about 10 seconds, threw my hands in the air and cancelled it. This isn't the first time this has happened. This was 500 shares, so it probably didn't even need to be broken up to fill.

  4. 14 red 4 hour candles on TILT in a row..I dont think I've ever seen that many consecutive red candles with 0 green…my God

  5. Gread video Dan..would love to see a LYFT one time TA video if youd consider doing so next time you do individual tickers such as Amzn or nflix …thank you!

  6. Thanks Dan, always appreciate your videos. I'd also like to invite anyone looking to add to their trading who already trades forex or is interested in learning to please join us on Discord using this link:
    (Download app and use the link to join)
    Opportunity is always there trading currency can help diversify your trading while helping to build your account. We have weekly trade picks, webinars, etc. Trading forex has been a great way to continue growing my account and look forward to my goal of sharing this with others. Have a great weekend everyone

  7. Great videos Dan.

    You may want to add LABS AND VGW as those are Canopy and Aurora in the making. Those companies are cannabis extraction companies that enjoy high profit margins and are producing oils for vapes and edibles which is getting legalised on October 2019.

    Just saying

  8. It was interesting that the "news" on FLWR came out just as it was testing a multi-week low.

  9. $CURLF looks like it's holding up well on selling volume. Cant wait to see your thoughts on it tomorrow Dan.

  10. thanks for the video dan! gotta wait 20-30 min until the 1080p version comes out 😛

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