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Can Cannabis Help Prevent Infection by COVID 19? – From the Stash Podcast Ep. 61

The rona is everywhere, are Cannabis consumers safer from the infection caused by COVID-19? Study Finds Cannabis …

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  1. I felt dizy and chilly yesterday . took 2 home tests . both +…. I wraped up in blankets and slept all day. Today I feel 200% better. I smoke a few times a day . Then this comes out now ????? Hm .
    Plants as medacine . Wow . whoda thunk?!

  2. My husband told me about this a few days ago that in the cannabis community this has been a topic and had to do my own search. I came across your channel and loved your down to earth straightforward talk. 😊
    I subscribed to your channel looking forward to hear your future podcasts.❤️

  3. First and foremost, Chris I hope you and your girlfriend are doing ok and get better soon. It say a lot about a person to be able to get on camera and discuss their personal health on a grow channel. I respect you for that.
    As for this discussion: I wish that you guys would of dig deeper into the facts of the study that was brought up and maybe brought up other studies as well to compare. Just my opinion to make the conversation go I depth a little more would hold greater value.

  4. Loved the approach and thoughts from all 3 of you. One of you should spearhead reading all printed studies…it would be a good video for those of us who do use and also those who could benefit it.

  5. I’ve been using CBD for my anxiety during this pandemic and spent the first year unvaccinated on the frontlines because of government decisions. I’ve tested negative 7 times, twice on a home test despite working with the public during that time. I remain covid free as of writing this post. People I know who have gotten it that smoke weed have had very mild cases and no respiratory symptoms.

  6. Peace!!! Garlic, Tumeric, cayenne pepper, ginger. Slow boil for a few hours. Drink a few times day. It will help with keep your air ways clear and get rid of mucus!

  7. its evolution the planet earth is a organism and we are microbes it only makes sense that the planet comes up with ways to defend itself, and take out bad microbes and keep the good ones. food for thought…

  8. This is y I love this group of guys ….. just this morning on fox 2 news they talked about how CBC-g attaches to the covid-19 n blocks it from spreading n it’s reproduction abilities and combats the affection rate

  9. I was in the middle of curing a harvest at xmas and came down with the ViD.
    Really sucked not being able to smell my flowers coming into ripeness 😖
    …for the record i smoked every single day for comfort from the aches…was WAY better with cannabis than without.

    Vit D, vit C, vit Zinc, quercentin, and cannabis. 💪🏻

  10. So Nay Nay on the immunity aspect from smoking. either way, our ECS is responsible for developing our immune system,…….. Yes, smoking is bad for your lungs but I think taking bong hoots on a daily to expand and excerise those lungs (so to speak) is way better than inhaling literally anything else outside of oxygen….. just my opinion. It's all love, One love <3

  11. Love this pregnancy aspect I know a lot of females that smoke during early pregnancy and feel bad but it helps them get up in the morning, eat, sleep,or just function normally. that should be a topic for another show!!!

  12. Maybe I'm just a dirty hippy… But I'm finding so many benefits with cannabis and psilocybe mushrooms. I'm a firm believer that nature provides. These substances have been buried and cast aside like trash when there's soooo many medicinal and spiritual benefits in consuming them. Big pharma and healthcare industry wants to call plant medicine quackery and nonsense. But we all know what their reasoning for that is… profit! Fuck the man smoke dope and eat mushies!

  13. (Prior to watching) I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and say NO! having said that, I smoke everyday without fail and I've yet to contract covid so………..🤷‍♂️

    I can tell you 1 very real fact with regards to being hospitalised re cannabis, it very definitely interferes with what ever the drug is that they use to put you to sleep for an operation. I went in for a hernia operation, due to the fact my Mrs happened to work at said hospital, I neglected to tell then I smoke every day including an hour prior to my operation. I went under the knife at exactly midday, the operation was finished by 2pm, I was not scheduled to be awake until that evening, however I woke up on the table giving the nurses who were still cleaning the instruments a minor heart attack. They couldn't understand how I was awake, I was still on the operating table about to be moved to my room. Later that day the doctor came to see me enquiring how that happened. Long story short after being quizzed by him for a few mins, he told me that cannabis has the ability to greatly shorten the drugs the anesthetist uses, so in future to always mention it.

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