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Bodybuilder VS Weed Brownie Experiment *EXTREMELY POTENT* | Crazy Marijuana Edible Eating Test

In this episode of Bodybuilder VS I do an experiment where I eat an extremely potent weed brownie! My goal with this crazy marijuana edible eating test is to …

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  1. i have severe OCD because of weed and hash and I started taking medications 5 years ago until now and probably 6 to 8 doctors I’ve visited because of this shit.

  2. Really funny video.
    Something totally different from your original ones turned out to be one of your best ones

  3. Did anyone else noticed he actually won? He got 3 in a row with the black pieces right before that guy put down the white piece

  4. Holy fuck yes you finally got high iv always wanted to see u get high.
    Edit: And please do body builder vs car.

  5. He looks high all the time so its impossible to know if he is high or not

  6. I want to watch him smoke an ounce in 2 days. Or attempt to beat my record of 8 hours

  7. Is weed as crazy there as Jamaica,I went to Jamaica,and all you see there is weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,dicks,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,pussy,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,boobs,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,statues of a couple having sex,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,bad drivers,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,horrible cheap food,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,weed,etc. You get the point

  8. Houston your eyes turned into an asian eyes..
    Lol dab+tent? Challenge accepted?

  9. The reason why he said to repeat everything like he's deaf is because apparently thc actually makes everything sound muffled

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