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Blueberry Muffins Harvest September 8, 2020

Seeds drop details [email protected]

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  1. My heart goes out to all my west coast growers..the loss I have seen this year with the fire effecting the weather & farms burning down has broke my heart.

  2. If not fucking caterpillars its some other bs! But damn blueberry muffins is so nice! Congratulations on seeds ill be sure get some them try help ya out after getting hit hard! Much love from east coast bro!

  3. The blueberry Muffins Look Great!!Sorry about those other plants bro that sucks but you gained knowledge, You should look into using BioInovations Regalai, Venerate, and Grandivo as IPM its Great stuff and it works!!!

  4. Damn grow bro it looks just like half of my garden. Some looks good but mites got me bad this season. I just wanna ask what are your plans to keep this from happening next year? Much respect 🌳🌳🌳💨💨🌲

  5. In the beginning I told you to use sulfur spray it would have cured your problem 100% in one day…. you would have saved these plants next year spray before bed and you will not have them and it discourages spider mites and thrifts… I had the same problem early and I guarantee you this will work sulfur spray for vegetables been growing 35 years straight just trying to help you out bro

  6. Brutal Norcal your video got me crying what a crazy year 2020 here south Louisiana Hurricane 2 weeks ago 2 weeks before Hail like Golf balls 2 weeks before that 5 inches of rain in an hour / I feel ya pain my gro bro `Hey BTW 2 plants made it 🙁 Beautiful Ladies in Flower Thank you Lord ! Brighter days ahead 2020 almost over Everyone will be counting the days / Stay Blessed Bro !

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