Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy in 2019?

Instagram: ***TIMESTAMPS*** Intro – 0:00 Marijuana Industry – 1:10 Stock #1 – 2:13 Stock #2 – 6:06 Stock #3 …

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    Intro – 0:00

    Marijuana Industry – 1:10

    Stock #1 – 2:13

    Stock #2 – 6:06

    Stock #3 – 10:22

  2. Take a look on the danish based cannabis stock, Stenocare. Its new and already up 120%! More than 1000% whitin a year!

  3. Good video Ale… Big thumbs up as always! No big surprise, but my opinion is similar to yours on the Cannabis sector. I think its very overpriced, but I'm not overly bearish either.  

    It's amazing how many cannabis companies trade publicly at this early stage. I expect most of these companies to disappear over time and the companies able to spend the most on R&D and infrastructure over the next few years to be the ones to survive and thrive. You're already starting to see it with countless stocks trading off 50, 60, 70, 80% or more off 52 week highs.  It can be dangerous falling in love with some of these companies on get rich quick hopes.

    I see the industry eventually looking like the carbonated beverage or even the tobacco market. Likely 2-3 companies dominating the industry worldwide with a few smaller players fighting for market share at any given time, most of which will be acquired before becoming real threats to the dominant players. I have no idea what companies will win in the end, but CGC (and your STZ) seems like the best bet at this early stage. It's the company I'm most likely to invest in either directly or thru STZ.  I think BUD's partnership with Tilray on 'cannabis infused beverages', which is interesting for just BUD's distribution network alone. I'd get very interested in Inbev upped the ante and invested in TLRY in a manner STZ did so with CGC. Time will tell…

    BTW… I appreciate how you specified Modelo/Corona licenses are domestic only. 👍 That's important info I think most aren't aware of. Thanks as always for sharing your stock thoughts my friend. Cheers…

  4. Aurora & Aphria as pure cannabis plays are way ahead of their valuations and not justified in their risk/reward situation at current prices. I just don`t see a justified upside with their (ACB) 7.4 & (APHA) 1.4 Billion market caps considering the risk you are exposed to. Constellation might be a smarter play and for that pick I salute Ale for his choice. Worth considering some exposure, however a pure cannabis play might be more interesting at this point.

    Personally, I have added a different cannabis play to my portfolio at a 2% weight. „ICC International Cannabis Corp.“ (WLDF) is currently cheap with about 50 Million in market cap and has better upside potential for the coming 5-10 years. Complete Value chain, licenses for the vast European medical market (450Million population) and interesting international partnerships as a bonus for upside as well. Long Cannabis in Europe!

  5. Do a video on jp morgan or atleast like 3 to 5 bank stocks or something be creative.

  6. Really like your channel and I like your investing style. Thanks for the content and keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Ale, just tryna understand sumthing.. 1) can I say you are pretty positive (I won't say bullish) in the weed sector? 2) u didn't invest in it as it is too high a valuation and it seems speculative? 3) in Ur own analysis, what cause the valuation to soar and if there is a way for it to be lowered? 4) if that is the case, would u still consider investing in it?

  8. Great topic, man. I always appreciate your input. I’m kind of the same, sitting back and watching weed stocks. I am invested in a couple of them, but I don’t put large chunks in it because it seems to risky and overvalued in the long run. I don’t think we can know for sure which companies will truly succeed yet.

  9. I've been waiting for this video! I'm not a huge fan of weed stocks, and I am fine with sitting on the sideline. However, Aurora (ACB) has also peaked my interest, and I may look into dipping into it for a spec play!

  10. Nice picks as usual Ale but I have an additional stock that pays a great dividend and has future potential in the weed market: Altria, which owns a large stake of Cronos Group (45% I guess). Altria should benefit a lot from weed products provided by Cronos and Cronos can count on the market power of Altria.

  11. I like Altria MO for this industry, with a 45% stake in CRONOS with the option to up that stake to 55% in next few years.

  12. Aurora Cannabis and Canopy Growth are my 2 main options to invest in the Cannabis sector.

  13. How about a video on the renewable energy sector? Enphase (ENPH) has skyrocketed since December. Most renewables lost value when Trump won the presidency but have turned around since people have realized that folks enjoy their wind farms and solar energy. If the Dems take back control over the executive branch and the senate, you'll probably see the Green New Deal get pushed through or at least their will be more money for renewable projects.

  14. Great job. I really appreciate your view and the way presented..I have short plays in first two looking for bottem before next entry. But I'm holding HEXO.
    Again thank you

  15. Please make a video about the upcoming demand and oversupply issues that are sure to pop up as these companies continue to produce more and more weed

  16. I don’t understand the big craze about cbd. It is very expensive and does absolutely nothing.

  17. I enjoyed this video and most of the videos you produce. I’m currently taking a small risk on Khiron Life Sciences Corp. it should dominate South America.

    On a different topic, being you have allot investments in tech and are a long term investor, would like to hear your thoughts on the buzz around Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE).

  18. Aurora Cannabis is #1 in my opinion. You can buy and hold it without a worry in the world. Great analysis!

  19. I wish all investors high returns and to get high like they should with cannabis to celebrate!

  20. I would buy ACB again but not when they continue to massively dillute its shareholders

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