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Best 510 Batteries for THC Vape Cartridges (Top 5)

These are the 5 best batteries I’ve tested for 510-threaded THC & CBD vape cartridges: …

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  1. Wack AF just change the title guy bobbing his head while looking off the camera to showoff

  2. Save up $ and get the KandyPens C-Box Pro. You can't go wrong with a lifetime warranty(only device w/lifetime warranty)

  3. Yeah this video was trash. I want to know what you like/dislike about each product. Help me decide which product is right for me. I'm not trying to just sit here and watch you get stoned for 6 minutes.

  4. Anyone wanna sell me a slim battery here in Maryland let me know here I'll add you on snap just drop your snap user name and I'll text you for it I'll pay MARYLAND ONLY

  5. Yo EVERY time you hit those mf you had to hit the lean 🤣🤣⛽️🔥💨

  6. The dumbest thing I've seen since the tik tok ads, you just Bob your head and that's it, no info given, the song is just as retarded as the guy

  7. Can you at least talk in the video and let us know how the batteries are I don't understand the head nod

  8. My fatass thought the jingles in the music was the ice cream man outside 😂😂😂 and do you make your own wax for the pens?

  9. That intro is cancer bro probably a decent video but I had to pause and type this before I leave so maybe you'll go back to whatever "old style of videos" you're other comments are mentioning.

  10. So I just watched you puff each one and bob your head. Thanks for nothing dude. 🤦‍♂️More like The Wine Critic.

  11. The perfect showing of the battery and cart while staring off into space awesome 😂😂😂

  12. as if a current-day Charlie Chaplin (on OG Kush); awesome vid. Such a dramatic opening scene.

  13. Your 'best' videos are the best I have ever seen, pun intended. I'm half way through who knows if you'll speak but you don't need to, perhaps if it were a review but it's not

  14. Myself ,Im glad to see you made a video ,without all of the annoying and confusing info ,that alot of reviews consist of ! Glad to have a break !

  15. Why have all the concealers gone magnetic?? What’s the benefit of that when you have to screw on the adapter anyway. I’m trying to find a new one for my mom but she would lose that adapter immediately lol.

  16. I’ll keep using my vision spinner 3S I buy on eBay. Usb charger gives it a long life.

  17. Hard to watch but mesmerizing for some reason I just wanted somebody to come in and punch him in the face and stomp on all of his little fucking weird Vape pen things, anyway hope everybody has a great day god bless

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