Berner Explains Why He's NOT Investing in Marijuana Stocks (Part 2)

Watch Part 1: ————————- Berner spoke to VladTV about getting in the marijuana industry at the ground level and working his way …

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  1. Real talk there are 2 Cannabis stocks I would definitely invest in while they're still cheap because in 20 years these stocks will be way higher: Canopy Growth Corp (CGC), New Age Beverages (NBEV). New Age Beverage already sells Marley Coffee and Coco Libre but in the next few years after FDA allows CBD in drinks they will release MARLEY CBD TEA and that will be very popular as more consumers look for healthy alternatives to coffee and energy drinks.

  2. more cannabis raids happened under obamas administration than any other president in US history actually.

  3. Why do people label Vlad a cop when FEDS and Don Diva Magazine ask the same types of questions? None of the things he asks is like super top secret. All this info is in the public domain pretty much.

  4. We’ve come a long way! Thanks to these people the world is changing 🙂

  5. He knows his shit…THANK YOU for showing that real people can get rich…..

  6. Don’t blame him. Why invest in some else’s stock when you could have the means to have your own companies

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  8. Good morning, first and foremost a gentleman and a red shirt is highly intelligent.

  9. Vlad makes everyone tell him they’re business shit is crazy everyone just telling on themselves on camera it’s crazy!

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