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Behind the smokescreen of medical cannabis | Dedi Meiri | TEDxTelAviv How did Israel become a cannabis empire? Prof Dedi Meiri is the head of the world’s leading cannabis lab in the Technion. In TEDxTelAviv …

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  1. Well think of all the sugar in our food to literally cause people to become diabetic and spend bookoo money on insulin! But won't legalize weed recreationally,but alcohol is legal and many deaths from it….hmmm

  2. The oil extracted from cannabis sativa (hemp) is completely legal across US. The THC-free CBD oil of hemp is not only effective in treating certain conditions, it is also not addicting and is not mind-altering.

  3. I would not bother living without cannabis! Multiple sclerosis makes it this way! Respect sir. Good talks

  4. Pot is great! It helps my anxiety and depression more than SSRI's
    It helps me sleep better and takes pain away from arthritis!!!!

  5. Thanks for the TEDxTalk. Our aim is to help improve the quality of people’s lives through the cultivation, extraction and distribution of GMP grade, 100% New Zealand Organic certified cannabis extracts, produced right here in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand.

  6. This guy's speech is putting me to sleep..they ought to name an Indica after him

  7. 1:30 – all of those strains ( varietals) effect your endocannabinoid system = everyone's system… that is Key to how it works… the phytocannabinoids metabolizing in mans endocannabinoid system…

  8. Dear Dedi I wish it was true
    The gap between reality to what described in presentation for patients in israel is huge “medical grade” grow like tikon olam and other is so bad and need to learn fro other world today not the world from us ….

  9. Crimes against humanity.this indeed is one of them. Governments need to step aside and leave the medical field, Period. !! Right now in a roundabout way, THE ENTITY of govt is an occupier where they have No Damm Business getting involved !! THEY ARE NOT EXPERTS NOR DOCTORS !!!

  10. InMed Pharmaceuticals currently scaling up their biosynthesis program to unlock all cannabinoids at Pharmaceutical grade. Exciting times!

  11. Unfortunatelly 20% CBD and 1% THC is not perscribed to adults and only yo kids with epilepsy. I wish someone will produce high CBD and low THC oils in Israel and allow adults to purchase it too.

  12. It enrages me that Israel was GIVEN as I’m GRANTED with no payback over 50 million dollars from the sweat of Americans’ brow.

    Yet where are the studies that should’ve been performed according to established US protocols. As it is, Jews benefit while Americans are screwed.

  13. I am so grateful that this researcher is bringing out the importance of learning more about each of the various strains and their purposes. Just thinking of all types of marijuana as a cure all for everything is too simplistic….so important to learn about each kind!

  14. Cannabis cures not all but most forms of cancer this guy is just a shill for the big Pharma companies

  15. Great talk. Met Dedi in Jersey City NJ. Patients Out of Time. Cannabis Research/Clinical Trials is the future.

  16. This video description is poor because it is misleading. Smokescreen? no; Cannabis empire? no; Showed us how they beat cancer with drugs? no; Lists itself as Tedx Tel Aviv? not. The talk was fine – but not what the description leads the viewer to believe. Disappointing. Should be corrected and re-posted for accuracy.

  17. Thanks to Dr. Dedi Meiri for Sharing this EDUCATION on Cannabidiol with others.

  18. I use hemp oil to get better sleep,,,It's from vivianscbd It works well on me…..

  19. Please explain what is wrong with an autistic non communicative person getting stoned or high?

  20. Please explain the problem with someone who is high or stoned. I'm not asking what your personal fears are, but the actual problems not your perceived fears.

  21. I have an autistic sone that is 17 and need to find out more about where I can get the proper cannibis product to help with aggression. I hope someone that knows sees this.

  22. it doesn't matter which variety of cannabis you use as long as you don't remove the THC which is the primary cancer killer even better than CBD. all of this talk about using CBD only is a scam by the government to convince people, that they don't need the THC thus decreasing the amount of people getting cured and putting money back in big pharma's pocket. because if someone makes a concentrated medicine out of the prime ingredients to cure cancer, it will cost big pharma more than 700 billion dollars a year!.

  23. I have been using cannabis now steadily for 20 years, I quit for a couple of years then had an aortic aneurysm which led to nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. started using again in 2005 for pain then came down with multiple myeloma or blood cancer in 2006, after getting a dose of gadolinium dye in a MRA which is like a MRI. I have had multiple myeloma for just over 6 years now without treatment except for the cannabis I smoke. hes doing the same thing other big pharma clones do, by using misinformation with a little truth to lie to you.

  24. Cannabis is a millennia old medicine which has been used since the dawn of medicine use in mankind's history, every strain has a combination which can cure a multitude of things, the problem is that the government had blacklisted it in the 1930s (aka making it illegal) due to people abusing it, as well as other ancient medicines, and most of the documents which proved it's benefits up until then were either destroyed or locked up in secret facilities or lost to time due to the people who blacklisted it all being dead or unable to remember due to age if still alive so we are back to square one due to this loss of knowledge.
    I know the whole reorganisation and legalization of cannabis is a complicated matter, especially due to the point I made above, but the best way to find out every combination of the cannabis' chemical compounds is to gather every strain which has seeds readily available on the market, grow sample plants to full maturity and then through biopsys and other testing methods find out the break down of each strain then through controlled clinical trials (I will sign up any day) give patients controlled doses of each sample to see what effects happens in their bodies and if any of their chemical levels in their blood change and record the results, rinse and repeat for all strains that way they will have a controlled data sample which can help to see which strain effects which conditions and thus be able to supply the right medical cannabis strain to the right group of patients.
    It will take time but now that the government has exhausted all it's excuses to deny it's use cannabis can finally regain it's place as a medicinal plant which everyone can use for their problems.

  25. The people with cancer are doing the research, dispite the government threats of jail, just so they can live without the horendous effects of CHEMOTHERAPY POISON,,,,,, and so far most of them seem very pleased with the results!

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