Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSE:ACB) on UK becoming Medical Cannabis Global Leader

Aurora Cannabis Inc (TSX:ACB)(NYSE:ACB)(FRA:21P) CCO Cam Battley visits James at the Cannabis Europa Conference in London, UK. Cam Battley was a …

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  1. I was hoping for some new aurora content! Thanks Midas. Go aurora! 100 shares and holding long 💪🏽

  2. Please make more Cam Battley and James West videos. They are the best and most informative.

  3. GREAT SWEET UK DONT GIVE ONE…When will you make a tri- level deal with high end PARTNERS??????????

  4. Why hasn't anyone asked Cam Battley why he sold over a hundred thousand shares of Aurora along with several other insiders from Aurora that sold nearly 400000 shares of Aurora in the past month and a half/I know that Cam Battley's house burned down and he said he needed the money for a house, but that just does not make any sense to me because any normal person ,especially a person like Cam Battley would have home insurance to cover that, right?/and several other insiders from Aurora sold over 400,000 shares of Aurora in the following weeks

  5. Listen from 4-5mins! Then ask yourself why did Wayland or wrld cse operation win 3 lots in that! Jmo! Waylands a beast! Haters can hate! But the progress will discrimate the hate and turn to Dominate!$$$$

  6. Acbs a dilution king!jmo he sold a lot of shares a few mths ago, yah his house burnt down! But he had insurance! Guys cashing in! Ok next topic Aurora will be a top 5 producer long term! But there dilution loses my investment $ ka- peace!

    I don't care what haters have to say or any crybabies crying about share count or price.

  8. They legalized weed, who would have thought. NORML, Jack Herer, Marley, and a couple others I'm sure. Smoke Somethin.

  9. That's all nice and stuff, But when are you gonna make your stock holders some Big Money??

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