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Ancient Weed Was High in Psychoactive THC

Get it? Cannabis residues found in ancient incense burners suggests that people were using marijuana for its psychoactive properties 2500 years ago. Read the …

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  1. the past 70 years of propoganda is literally the only time in history marijuana is prohibited
    it's still used as tinctures, and still handed out by the government under Compassionate IND
    so please explain how it is schedule 1

  2. Marijuana has been legal and medicinal forever
    the past 70 years of propoganda is the only time in history marijuana is prohibited

  3. Is that the only stock photo you could find, one of a sickly spider mite infested male plant. 2,500 years ago they knew what a male plant looked like, and that the male plant was useless and didn't contain any THC. 2,500 years ago someone would be called a cheat and a ripoff for trying to "deal" that bad weed. 😉

  4. “Weed high in THC….,” uses a sickly male plant for thumbnail.

  5. No shit they were smoking it you don’t just breed high THC cannabis for rope, people are so dumb.

  6. It's gotta smell like a skunk or else I wont buy it….
    Stinky and Sticky….

  7. Hindus are the leading experts on using medical cannabis they have been using this for the last 6,000 years
    I can get a gram of THC for $30
    A gram of CBD oil $70.oo
    No THC What the public is lead to believe is a lie They can not prove anything
    Since the 1930s they have been researching cannabis North American University has been paid millions of dollars for research in to cannabis
    And now they ignore reality for their fantasy lie The worst drugs I have ever consumed were given to me by my doctor I do not perches medication on the street I know people who did that and they are dead now

  8. I remember a story from a really old church somewhere in the middle east that has a stone tablet with a story of Jesus on it. Says he had the villagers dig a 6ft hole. Filled it some kind of oil and a whole lot of Kannibossom. He cooked it in a giant fire then poured it in the 6ft hole and had people with skin diseases sit in it. I thought that was interesting. Even more so why is the church over is hiding the story

  9. Weed is a plant, Woman. It’s been growing out of the earth for a very long time.

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