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Amherst Sour Diesel… STICKIEST BUDS EVER, no joke…

my apologies for not providing any updates on this amazing genetic center. I intended on doing a few update videos but forgot. We’re now at the end of flower …

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  1. West Virginia Dave, Son that there is some chunky buds, yep stickey grls. Stay Blessed.

  2. Dude this is probably one of the best grows I have seen in my life definitely in my top 5

  3. Dude, how come you always have Nutrients fried leaves by time of harvest. Without fail their they are. Twisted crispy sugar leaf is not good!!! Sort it out please; I can see your having "results" but you are giving advice and tips which well…. I'm just being a negative dick am I not. But the point stands.

    Future video topic; managing EC and analyzing leaf burn and nutrients issues.

  4. Fisherman's friend here from Scotland thiñk its greàt wot u do for ur patients bro I wish we can do that here coz I'm total wrecked my leg,have major nerve pain and no proper sleep for 4years,very quickly got an issue with pain meds so dont/can't take them anymore.we luv ur channel bud very good

  5. Wizard is there any way you can also share your individual ppm runoff for each plant you show us and tell us what week of growth you were in when the runoff test was performed I'm doing some research of my own and this information from you will help us thanks Wizard Two Green Thumbs Up Brother Keep On Keeping on Hope to Here BAck Sooon ..

  6. Please comment or do a video on the benefits of hydro vs soil on yield and size

  7. With all due respect. I have been loyal to your channel since nearly the beginning. I find it borderline insulting that you haven't attempted manually adjusting your aperture and focus so that you aren't using auto focus with blurr half the time. You begged us for money for new equipment (granted we were not able to raise much) use that money and take a class or watch a few youtube videos for us it will make a bigger difference

  8. That stickiness is probably going to be the biggest factor in high quality Cannabinoids and terpenes.

  9. Hey Wizard NPK, question as to the origin of that strain. Do you know where the Amherst parts from by any chance? Curious as I believe it may be from around my part of the country and from my state as well. Beautiful buds and killer work as always my man!

  10. oh yeah we hear you ‏greetings from israel tel aviv there is a lot to learn from you thank you for all your effort go with love

  11. Now that plant is flat out gorgeous. Super resinous buds everywhere. The yield should be impressive on that one. Nice job Wiz and King.

  12. Would you recommend this strain for newer growers? Medically, sour d is tops for me.

  13. One of ur more frosty ladies! Looks real nice man. Impressed

  14. Hey wizard, just stumbled across your video in my suggestions. Youtube's algorithms are certainly working for ya. New sub here. Off to watch some more of your channel. Very good looking ASD tree. I grew that one way back I think on my second grow but o remember it well. Awesome genetics

  15. Very impressed man
    Nice one
    Such a long grow time but worth every minute
    Thanks man

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