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  1. Appreciate your advice. I myself am just getting into tinctures and oils. Time To Smoke!

  2. Sr. It is all about moderation . There's many people that are very addictive. Some people have reached their THC max and looking to get to the next level witch could lead to another world of drugs. Again too much of a good thing could eventually lead to physical / mental issues. Know your body. JT from AZ. Good luck. Start working out again you might feel better. Just Sayin.

  3. Don't worry about the negative Nancy's and keep living your your life to your fullest and what works for you what works for some may not work for all it's a fact of life some people just like to be negative

  4. I'm glad everything turned out good from the doctor. Maybe not great but not something you have no control over. I enjoyed this video! It's life… the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Fortunately and unfortunately life always has ups and downs. Some days you feel like you can't take it anymore but then things change and it gets better. Like you said depending on your circumstances and health issues you have to switch to a different method. I have asthma and there are some things I can not do depending on how my lungs reacts to whatever method I may try. When I find a method, strain, or something new I always keep an open mind. If I was younger I'm sure I'd be doing a lot of what is new thing or the popular thing to do… Anyway, I really enjoyed the video and thank you for showing all the different ways of consuming cannabis! ✌️

  5. I appreciate all your knowledge on pain control. I have had 3 back surgeries and am in more pain now then i ever have been.

  6. Hi, as a user of cannabis for pain can I tell you that I got 1gram of RSO(Rick Simpson Oil) and ate it all in one to get a nights sleep and oh boy I did. Unfortunately cannot get it anymore as the kind soul
    who was getting it for me was imprisoned for it. So much for UK legalisation eh.

  7. Appreciate your words! I'm going to try some of those liquids next visit at my dispensary if they have any.Cheers

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