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Alternative Therapies in Parkinson's Disease

This talk discusses alternative/complimentary therapies including supplements and mind/body work, and discusses pros and cons.

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  1. What a pathetic excuse for test trials are too costly to run – BULLSH*T — medical industries are wealthy with grants and federal funds, insurances' funds, etc. They have not bothered to investigate deeply enough. I found this excerpt recently from a new medical book I bought: As another example, Parkinson's disease is the result of environmental factors acting on genetically susceptible individuals against a background of normal aging. For significantly more Parkinsonian than control subjects (who are partially or totally defective in an enzyme system which causes a metabolic step called 4-hydroxylation of debrisoquine) have earlier onset of disease. There are volumes of data that P.D. has multiple environmental triggers. Whether you're susceptible depends only in part on your genetics. There is tremendous amount of control that you have over your health in spite of genetics. (Barbeau A, et al, Ecogenetics of Parkinson's disease: 4-hydroxylation of debrisoquine, LANCET, Nov 30, 1985, 1213). Various nutrients, phytochemicals & diet can change your genetic expression.

  2. What moron left that bare gose-neck on the lecturn – they un-screw budd


  3. Anyone used CBD oil for Parkinson’s Lon term and it’s still working or does it stop working

  4. really i told the world ten years ago the key was electrical impluse therapy

  5. Sorry but this was of no use. Lots of talking about what does not work.

  6. my father 2 years of suffering Parkinson decease 🙁 need spend lots of money 🙁 work hard, .:( massage my own father and drink medecine anti Parkinson levodopa but, after expired u need massage, leg, neck, hand and buy oxygen in order to breathe, eat everyday 🙁 life is hard and my family will be broken if my father die:(>>>>>>> any tips for removing the Parkinson without deep "brain stimulation" in head that will cost millions of dollar i might die paying so i will better let my father die so if no one can help sad life Parkinson never healed the anti Parkinson tablet will expire not permanen healed my father cost alot of money, if no more money what will happen 🙁 sad LIFE THAT'S MY FATHER LIFE IN SUFFERERING IN PARKINSON 2 YEARS ALREADY ..

  7. Diagnosed 2012
    My regimen:
    The positives: no button difficulties, brush my teeth now w/o needing elect brush, more strength. Getting in and out of bed, turning over is easier. No more constipation. Parkinson's progression stopped. Suppressed all motor and non-motor symptoms…vitamin B1 (as thiamine HCL)

  8. stopped giving my mom meat and her shaking totally stopped. Why isn't there a parkinson's diet, if they know there is a element of meat intolerance?

  9. Well, I sure am glad in retrospect that I did not invest time in this presentation as it would seem as though our friends at Michigan Medicine are afflicted by the overabundance of caution syndrome as regards this topic.

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