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A Day With Bill Cosby (1971) | Talks To Kids About Drugs Special

An episode of the previously completely lost anthology TV series NBC Children’s Theatre, first aired on March 27, 1971. This episode features comedian Bill …

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  1. This is the legacy of Bill Cosby that not only needs to be preserved but shared. Let's not forget this positive legacy of the talent known as Bill Cosby.

  2. This is crazy,A Man puts the work in about his Family and when the Family doesn't like what you say it's a problem,Mr Bill Cosby Thank You For Your Service!!!!!!!

  3. I'm glad he's home. Bill was always a positive figure for kids and some one kids looked up to. From Jello pudding to Kids Say The Darndest Things. I really miss when the world was simple… Now everything that was once pure for me has been tainted.

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