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3 CARTRIDGES AT ONCE!!! – WHAT IS UP WORLD?! Join me today on CRUTCH as I get BLASTED HIGH smoking and …

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  1. What was the consistency like for this level of potency? I have one and it’s sorta runny but it’s also thick. It’s a potion cart and he got it from Oregon so I’d like to compare the two. Thank you.

  2. As a professional, if your cart dont smell LOUD it’s not gonna be GASS

  3. Idk about you guys but let me know if you guys feel the same, but every time I think about smoking weed, my balls start to tingle and feel warm as fuck and I LOVE IT

  4. The way you talk about smoking makes me proud to Smoke love your reveiws

  5. see man no matter what cart you have, what y'all should be doing is keep inhaling after you hit it and then hold it in as long as you can that gech you really geekin.

  6. Man on paper so no smoking for me in texas and can't wait to get off and smoke free …in another state

  7. If y’all need a solid legit plug 🔌 DM me for Cali plug carts exotic carts king pens dank vapes smart carts and many more yup shipping available

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