8 Top Health Benefits of Using CBD For Your Pets! CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Learn how Dr Melissa uses CBD oil for her cats and dogs in this informative video about the benefits of CBD for animals. An avid rescuer of dogs and cats, …

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  1. I've been using NaturaS Pet CBD Oil here in the UK as it's only 3% (300mg) in strength for my dog and have seen such amazing results in the past 2 months, She's now walking more and a lot less anxious and generally a lot happier in general life. what a truly amazing medicine.

  2. I'm new to using CBD oil for my nearly 17 yr old Labrador. I'm using what a vet prescribed so, she determined the amount for me to use. I can't say I've noticed any behavior changes but my dog seems physiologically stable and in good spirits. All vitals check well each day, so far. Even if the benefits are purely placebo, fine. Placebo = no negative side effects. It does baffle me that so little of an amount is used twice per day. I use 10 drops twice daily. I'm using Hemp Rx Forte for Pets (brand). For an anti-inflammatory effect, I'd figure it makes more sense to use at least a 2.5 ml amount, not that I intend on doing that. For now, CBD oil is just one portion of my arsenal of anti-inflammatory supplements along with a conventional NSAID (Meloxicam), Dasuquin Advanced (glucosamine), fish oil, Adequan, + laser therapy/acupuncture/hydrotherapy to hopefully improve his joint issues.

    If anyone else is looking for fish oil, I use this one:
    GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil – 1000mg EPA/DHA

    He's been on it for several years. Coat looks great. Bloodwork checks out okay too. He's also on Soloxine for hypothyroidism that was surgically caused due to removal of one parathyroid gland four years ago to treat hypercalcemia. That surgery involved removal of half the thyroid too which caused hypothyroidism to show up. That's been no issue to manage. Thought I'd mention all the above in case anyone else sees this post wondering what to use to manage arthritis, or any varieties of inflammation, in senior dogs.

  3. Benefits of CBD Dog Care Tincture Oil:
    Promotes Overall Wellness And Development
    Stimulates Appetite
    Eases Nausea And Anxiety
    Reduces Joint Discomfort
    Alleviates Pain And Symptoms Of Arthritis

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  4. So sorry for you loss, my Skibo (dog) got diagnosed with diabetes in January. By March he lost his sight, so eye pressure has been super low and hard to treat since the diabetes isn’t under control yet. So I started using CBD Oil because I had read that it helps with sugar levels and inflammation but now I’m a nervous wrack since I read that the oil could cause pancreatitis. I’m on limbo about stopping it or continue it.

  5. my chihuahua is 10 years old. I have been told he has a heart murmur as well as having a under active thyroid. I've been giving him cbd oil from Urbanrootscbd.com I give him the one called BALANCE 1000MG. I only give him 1 drop. I love my baby Ricco . I don't know what to do . He's my service dog and I love hi so so much. He is a rescue and he rescued me. I have PTSD .
    I tried the one for pets from a dispensary he got runny stools from that one. Should I keep him on the other one for humans ( Balance) or change it. can you help me ?

  6. Thank you for the information our baby Lucy has IVDD and we are giving CBD oil a try

  7. Oh my goodness thank you GOD for leading me to your channel!!! I am on a very hard road with my baby girl Sassy. I lost her momma dog Missy last year to cancer and I HONESTLY never saw my LIFE without her! But I did know that her daughter Sassy had a chance of getting cancer because her dad died of cancer at 10 years & 2 weeks old. Momma dog is Heeler and Aussie mix and dad was a pure breed Boxer. Momma dog was very sudden…..she didn't claim and when she didnt follow me every second that's when I knew she was sick and got to the vet right away. She had was diabetic and large masses in her liver. I knew she was about to leave me. And now a year later Baby girl Sassy will be 12 years old in Oct.3rd was diagnosed with cancer in March. The masses are in spots that they can't take them out. She had 2 very large masses in her bladder and in her kidneys. There was no way I was doing chemo and my Vet knew that. I asked her could I take her home today and make her comfortable with all her favorites!!! She had me wait for a moment and came back to be after she called her friend that was a Oncologist Vet. She said I know that you are not ready to let go just yet & I see she still has so much life in her and that u do not want her to suffer so my friend told me to tell you to go get *YUNNAN BAIYAO CAPSULES FOR DOGS* it was used in the war to stop the bleeding. And it has shown to stop bleeding tumors and so much more…which Sassy was bleeding alot from her Bladder.( at first she just thought she had UTI until 2 days later it was straight blood. She is NOT BLEEDING ANYMORE AND THE HMMM MASSES… but she is having bad flare ups from her arthritis in her back the she is limping it has been 2 days. I gave her the doggy aspirin u get at the pet store and of course I can not do it because I am afraid of a BLEED AGAIN!!! My neighbor told me I should look into CBD for her pain and mine (as this momma has Lupus and 9 other autoimmune diseases including a Rare Form of RA. Thank you God for YOUR COURAGE, YOUR LOVE AND FOR YOU!!!! I AM GOING TO GO BUY SOME NOW!!! Please God you saved her once and I know she is not ready to go especially when she got so excited I bought her new tennis balls last night that she slipped on kitchen floor. GOD BLESS YOU SWEETHEART!!!

  8. So sorry about your bbys loss, I have a pug who has severe allergies n itching n flaky skin. How much CBD oil should I give him and what strength


  10. Hi doc, so my little 6 years-old chihuahua is having a little bit of breathing issues because of his Heartworm. Our vet thinks that he might have pneumonitis. He also had multiple seizures in the last couple of days. My vet wants to put him on steroids ( prednisone). Would cbd oil help his body by any chance?

  11. I am desperate for the best CBD oil for my Scotty that just started having seizures. He was released from the vet hospital, but they wouldn't give any info for CBD use. He weighs 35 lbs. and the vet thinks its from a brain tumor.  PLEASE HELP – what brand do I use & how much ?

  12. Hi Dr. Melissa…I had six cats and am now down to my Minnie Meow who's approx 11years old…she is a sweetheart and a joy…I totally understand the emotions you've gone through along with the loss as I've experienced it myself…I still miss my Mouzie who was 19 when I had him put to sleep…I got him when he was 2 months old so that was really really hard and heartbreaking…
    I have a question for you…my Minnie has developed a cough over the last few months…not every day, maybe 2 to 3 times a week…after she coughs she sounds "gurgly" when she breaths…she is a bit overweight (I tried cutting back her food probably 5 years ago now and she got fatty liver & that scared the heck out of me)…I am slowly cutting back her food…I give her raw + high quality wet food mixed together..she gets bee pollen added to that in the morning plus EZ-mobility, kidney tone, EZ-Rest & 1 drop of Nascent Iodine from Global Healing Center + 9 drops of Smooth Move and a bit of Restoralax…in the evening it's pretty much the same except instead of the bee pollen I give her a good probiotic blend…she doesn't get any kibble but she does get about 7 little pieces of Orijen dehydrated meat treat…I just started giving her CBD oil again today….she weighs about 18 lbs…I gave her three drops in her morning feed…do you think for the first day I could put another drop in her evening meal too?
    If this cough is asthma or allergies the CBD should help with that right…?
    Once again my heart truly goes out to you…sorry for the long-winded note…God Bless You

  13. What brands are best? I cant find anything but ads and sites shilling for certain companies.

  14. So sorry for your loss. I've lost 2 myself and have another soon to be 13 years old that seems to be having some joint issues. I give both my dogs CBD. My younger dog (lab mix) has terrible seasonal allergies, environmentally driven, and it has helped her with this tremendously, I'd say she's 80% better.

  15. My lil guy has occasional seizures and had heard that cbd oil would be beneficial.. so yes I am definitely considering this type of treatment thank you so much for making this video!

  16. Thank you for this! My sweet kitty has been having issues this year (she’s 8 yo) and I hope that CBD can help her live her best life.

    You’re totally right about rescues, mine actually rescued me in many ways 😻

  17. If you love your dog, you will love our pets CBD- cookies, as you will realize how happy and lucky it makes him…

  18. I have been using CBD for 2 years on my Standard Poodle who has Sebaceous Adenitis. I was called stupid and a criminal in the beginning before CBD became legal and popular. He has had no drug treatment at all. Only CBD and regular baths. His skin is clear and he's happy and healthy. Some of his other litter mates with the same disease died young from complications of a supressed immune system which is a common treatment for this disease. He is 11 and still doing well. I'm so happy that you made this video. I would love to hear some of your other ideas about alternative and natural treatments we could use for our dogs and cats. So sorry for your loss. "If the kindest souls lived the longest lives dogs (and cats) would live forever."

  19. You should be very clear that people should not be drugging their pets with CBD oil with THC – that would be animal,abuse.

  20. Hi Dr. Melissa! I have a 9 year old Corgi Golden Retriever mix. She’s overweight and has arthritis and other inflammatory issues. Her vet just prescribes medicine to reduce inflammation but it’s a temporary fix. Do you really think this can help my Sadie? Also how can I share her photos? Thanks! 😊

  21. My dog is anxious or unsettled about car rides. He also is very scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. Where to buy the best quality calming CBD treats for my dog?

  22. Thank you for this video. Yes, we are going to incorporate it into our pets wellness. We have 4 dogs, one is 16 yes. & takes anti- inflammatories & our smallest dog gets anxiety🐶

  23. Awww, Dr. Melissa, I am so sorry. We've been thru the entire life process several times w/our dogs & cats…..I know what it feels like ….the joy , the laughs, the scares, the sadness of the end. Our last dog Sophie had epilepsy. She averaged a seizure once a month for a few years. I researched & found that GABA affects the neurotransmitters of the brain….so I started giving it to her & by golly, it brought the seizures to an almost complete halt. She rarely had one after starting the GABA. This was at a time when we hadn't even heard of CBD. (Sophie was w/us from June 2002 until July 2016 & she was from a shelter). I would definitely try CBD. My husband & I use it…..so, sure, we'd give it to our dog & cats. Our almost 3 yr. old dog (female named Scout) is so hyper….maybe CBD would help ! She's a sweetie….she just needs to be a little bit calmer some times.

  24. We are definitely going to try CBD for Jace, our two year old lab mix. He has always been an anxious pup, his vet even offered Prozac and said he is OCD.

  25. yes I would try CBD oil for my pet, love the pics at the end of your cat.

  26. So sorry for your loss, i cant believe your kitty lived that long. The ending of the video got me choked up

  27. Sorry about your kitty. 💔 I can see it in your eyes & hear it in your voice how much you love & miss him. Wedgies are super smart, beautiful & loving cats. I lost one of my Maine Coon (also a large breed like Wedgies) mixes to lymphoma in Nov and I still get physically sick feeling to my stomach when I even think about it, much less try to talk about it. Wish I would have known about the CBD oil for cats.100% agree it's close to impossible to get medications/ supplements into finicky cats w/o feeling like you're undoing all their benefit by adding additional stress trying to poke stuff down them. Dogs are easier b/c they are gluttons and will just swallow stuff down w/o even noticing it. Question: Can you put the CBD oil on a cat's paw for them to lick off or do you have to give it by mouth?
    I hear you about the flea/tick meds and all the vaccines. I've stopped giving them. If I have to give meds, I follow it with Milk Thistle to detox their liver. Highly recommend it for anyone giving their pet meds or treatments. Also for kidney issues the best thing you can do is feed cats strictly wet food. I've learned that the hard way thru the years..

  28. Thank you so much for this video! So sorry for the loss of your fur babies. I'm dealing with a lymphoma/ibd diagnosis with my Bitty. I have given her CBD in the past, but she has taken to not liking it AT ALL. She will NOT eat the food I put it in and if I dose directly, she fights me all the way. I'm torn between giving her the wonderful benefits of it vs the torture of getting it into her body. 8-(

  29. I’m so sorry about your Wellington and Lacy. It’s the WORST to lose them. I just started giving my 17 1/2 yr old cat, Toby, CBD oil over the weekend. He had a seizure Friday and another on Sunday. We don’t know what is causing them. He’s pretty frail, so thin, but still active and playful when he’s not sleeping. We’ve never been told he has a thyroid issue or kidney problem. I’ve asked about thyroid because my 15 yr old has taken meds for many years for thyroid.

  30. What would the dosing look like for a 20 pound dog? Can the animals be overdosed? Thanks. I never thought about this.

  31. We have just recently started using CBD oil with our two rescues – a dachshund and a dachshund mix. One of them has anxiety issues and one has aggression issues. Both have calmed down and are much better at listening to us.

  32. Hi there I'm a new subscriber, I discovered through your video about how to have a hormone balance). I'm Barbro (my nickname) and I have a sweet chihuahua named Olivia. I was wondering if you know and could share with us how a complete homemade nutrition for small dogs should look like. I give her organic meat, white rice, boiled vegetables and some omega 3 oil, sometimes liver, half cooked eggyolk and fruits (mostly apple) and a vitamin supplement (incl vit.A and vit.C ecc) by the german label Aniforte that I found on amazon but I'm wondering if it's enough??? Bye for now 🙂

  33. Thanks, thinking my 11 year old kitty might get a lot out of cbd, I'm in Australia, is there a brand you recommend to get shipped here? I use Rick's CBD for myself, I have Lupus. Or can I just give her some of mine. Also what is the dosage for cats?

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