66% of Americans support marijuana legalization: poll managing editor Peter Suderman discusses why the U.S. should legalize marijuana.

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  1. Leave the weed alone, it was a gift from God thatโ€™s why itโ€™s illegal!

  2. I'd say more than 66%.. only law enforcement and pharmaceutical companies want it illegal.

  3. "Migrant caravan" heeey now that's a term I haven't heard since the midterms. Whatever happened to that Fox news? Your viewer base is so sheepish.

  4. A plant that is chemically enhanced that causes cancer vs a plant that makes u happy and sleepy and kills cancer cells and other stuff

    one is legal in all states and one isnโ€™t

  5. If they can trust we the people to vote people in office then why can't we the people vote to legalize marijuana

  6. Just what we need more dangerous drugs no thankyou im sorry but i cant agree with this nasty drug nothing but makes people crazy

  7. If it helped Germans with nazism it can help Americans with narcs that kill,decapitate people

  8. If Trump legalizes weed he'll earn my vote back. He lost it with the bump stock ban.

  9. Remember in 2007 when obama said he was going to legalize marijuana and thats how he got so popular before anyone knew he was black they knew he was supposed to be for weed and yea hes turned out to be a fucking lier and a disaster

  10. Plz legalize Marijuana I don't drink alcohol and I only smoke but can't cause it's illegal damn

  11. "Legalize" it because the government wants to take the money from the dealers, make it more expensive and make it lower quality.

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