Marijuana Health Benefits

5 Things You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana

What is the difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana? Watch this video to find the answer to this question and others. Please support …

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  1. Saying there's a difference between medical and recreational marijuana is like saying there's a difference between regular beer and lite beer, just like everything else there's differences in everything, like different strains or potency, of course there is just like there are different kinds of meat, different cuts of meat, different animals used for meat. It's the same, comes from the same animal or animals just from different areas of that particular animal. Marijuana is no different, there's different strains, indica or sativa, different levels of thc/cbd, but it's all the same plant just different genetics, like in humans, we're all the same but different. I hope I made some sense.

  2. 1 :Find dealer
    2 :Score Weed
    3 :Head to shop
    4 :Get few blunts, milkshake, munch
    5 :Head home, whack tunes n ps4 on blaze a spliff and have a killing spree on cod chill to some trip hop mix

  3. Hey yo stay sober
    Breathe the air
    There's plenty of high

  4. Does anyone know if CBD oil or THC have any adverse reaction with ADHD medications (Amphetamines, such as Ritalin)?
    If so, what can it do?
    I talked to my Psychiatrist today about getting a Medical Marijuana Card. She doesn't know much about Marijuana or CBD. She works for the Veterans Administration, VA. The VA is federal and they can't prescribe or recommend Marijuana, because it's still against federal law.
    But, she said, I'd be taking a risk of possibly having breathing problems, Heart attack or other things. But, she doesn't have any idea how or if Marijuana can affect Amphetamines.

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  6. The THC in weed manifests in fat cells and will stay there for months, so it will be in you body for a long time. Also, if you are under 25 and your brain has not finished developing, then frequent use may lower IQ and overall cognition. Another thing is that breathing in smoke of any kind is harmful for your lungs; marijuana smoke is not cancerous, but will result in a reduction of lung function. You probably won't get addicted if you try it once or even a few times, but if you use it to fill a void in your life, then you definitely will get addicted. Otherwise, weed is a pretty chill drug, my dudes!

  7. Medical marijuana can help so much, too bad big pharma is against it so the battle goes on…

  8. So every stoner is the epitome of good physical and mental health? Ridiculous.

  9. Lol, the DEA can suck my balls, because weed isn’t a schedule 1 drug.

  10. Marijuana is legal in my state too! (Washington state) So it is pretty cool

  11. So happy Marijuana is legal in my state!πŸ˜€ (Washington state)

  12. I came here for specifics on medical use. I was clearly disappointed

  13. marijuana oil if I try. can anyone tell me the processing please. my mother had stomach cancer on 2016. stomach is removed after that she had ovarian cancer, that is also removed on 2018. now doctor is saying that the cancer is spread into the bone. is there anyone who can help me?

  14. Over half the states support it, sothe senate is secured, now for the house.

  15. Loser knows nothing about it !! Still safer then opiates by a long shot wizard of oz

  16. I just Subscribed Your Channel & Loved Your Video

  17. Makes me angry that MANY herbs continue to be skipped over and ignored for studies just to promote marijuana BECAUSE there is most definitely the element who wants to legalize damn recreational drugs and they piggyback on all this medical marijuana propaganda. Evil crap greed, no dif than BIG PHARM…and they are probably behind it somewhere, too. πŸ‘Š Test the water, tell people the buzz factor should be completely removed from ALL medical marijuana and watch the stoners go crazy. W O R T H L E S S

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