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3 Things to Do in Medellin Colombia 🇨🇴Fruit Coffee and Cannabis

3 Things to Do in Medellin Colombia // Fruit Coffee and Cannabis In today’s Medellin travel vlog, I’ll show you 3 things to do in Medellin Colombia. I took three …

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  1. Have you ever been to Medellin? What things do you recommend to do there?

  2. How was the coffee and Cannabis? I’m betting it was exceptional. Did you visit any tobacco farms? While my stay in the Dominican we visited a coffee and tobacco farm it was very interesting.

  3. Very cool! What was your favorite fruit that you tried? New fruits are so much fun!

  4. I really liked the fruit tour and also the medical marijuana demo since my household has a member who is approved to use it for medicinal purposes. The coffee experience is good too. Will you be able to bring any of the coffee home with you? I guess the coffee must taste better when you get to pick the beans, roast them and brew them all at once. Enjoyed the video.

  5. In my 17th year in the travel industry and I’ve never realized the correct pronunciation. Luckily much of my work is non-verbal

  6. What a great idea to do a fruit tasting tour…I love Coffee, so I would really enjoyed that tour.

  7. Very cool! We have a starfruit (carambola) tree here in our FL yard. When I share so many have never had before.

  8. Which is your favorite exotic fruit? Mine is maracuya (passion fruit). Yum!

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