3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review. Support us on Patreon so we can make more …

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  1. The fact that we're debating whether a plant should be legal or not is just sad as fuck.

  2. The inventor for car engines (diesel) intended it to be powered by hemp and inventor for mass production (Ford) intended the entire car be hemp. Wonder why this ancient medicine is illegal?

  3. You sound mad stupid and overeducated. Cigarettes and alcohol kill people, not yet has there been the same mass amounts of people who die from cannabis. People die from cocaine, meth, etc but not cannabis!!!

  4. This video is very stupid and filled with some false information, considering marijuana is the least harmful "drug" it should be legal. Alcohol is almost the same but worse. Alcohol does more damage to the body and brain. Did you ever hear of "wet brain?) Marijuana I like to think of is a natural opioid and benzodiazepine, it acts as a depressant or "downer" so I'm pretty sure it's NOT going to cause psychosis. There are numerous cases of people having PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and other mental problems, and marijuana has helped these people. This person from Spain is a Cannabis Coniseour. He gets paid to smoke and try these different strains and gives them reviews. You may ask yourself at this point "Why or how does he get paid to do that?" It's because he has PTSD after witnessing his mother getting murdered. I live in a place where marijuana is legal and I know people who smoke and they've changed for the better. And what about THC and CBD helping with cancer? What THC and CBD does in your body while "stoned" these cells attach themselves to the cancer cell and cause a explosion of killing the cancer cells and along with the THC and CBD in your body. And that's the point when you're not "high" it's because it's cleared your body and by the way, Marijuana is NOT ADDICTIVE BUT YOU CAN GET A DEPENDCY ON IT. Addiction at least to me I think addiction is more like seizures, cold sweats, and physical withdrawals. Cigarettes are legal for a long time (if it was illegal I didn't focus on tobacco) and I know of people getting cold sweats and the shakes of not having a cigarette. And the whole gateway drug thing, is stupid too because you can say the exact same thing with alcohol, and prescription drugs, people who are heroin addicts started usually because of the pharmaceutical drugs, Oxycodone, fentanyl, codeine, and other shit like that. If they get a tolerance and move to heavier drugs, then I guess it's their fault. (Depending on the situation.)

  5. LMAO not one time i've thought to myself "Man, weed ain't doin it for me anymore… imma try some crack" like wtf? Marijuana is not a gateway drug whatsoever.

  6. Never cared for it, but have no objection to others enjoying it if they like.

  7. wait. Someone please explain, should it be legal or illegal? I didn't get it

  8. The literally first sentence was a lie, cannabis is not a drug, drugs require chemical manipulation,

  9. For anyone that doesn’t live in Canada legalization is great at first until you realize they’re are more bullshit laws and regulations then before

    All the police in the world: NO YOUR NOT
    drugs army: ah shid si the cops
    Myself on the comment: I WILL KILL THE DRUG ARMY
    Myself on the comment: * drops nuke on drug army *
    Al the police on the world: wow thanks guy
    myself on the comment: your welcome but i have one question

    I don't do drugs

  11. My humble opinion is that it should be made legal. In fact drugs of most kind must be made legal for recreational purposes, or whatever they the buyer means to do with it. People must have a right to choose, whether be it for their own good or their own bad. Infact what the government should be doing is after making it legal they should strictly regulate this industry, and all other alikes.

    Furthermore, a more truthful and comprehensive education structure must be developed to aware people from very young age about the actual harms of such drugs, and smoking, and alcohols. I find that this is the true way we can curb these difficulties.

  12. Marijuana helps anorexic people. When my cousin started smoking weed, she gained 20 pounds in one year, from 86 to 106!

  13. The only time it has given me serious psychosis was when I tried it in brownie form…it was a really bad night.

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