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2019 Outdoor Grow Woke Up To The Sound Of Helicopter's

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  1. When you were showing off the plants and the goat kept on making noise and you said "shut the fuck up" I was dying laughing 😂

  2. They have to site u first then give u 30 days to fix the problum or move ya plants..its code enforcement then 30days then cops..if its not happening like that than then they outtaline…

  3. They can only take u down to your number thats on ya script..they cant take um all..its leagal to have 12 in ya case cause they immature…an if its one mf causing yalll all issue yall need to get rid of dude…get you a 85dollor script allows u to groww 33 outdoors…

  4. The chp chopper has been on my nuts taking pictures for years. Don’t believe the hype. They’re all about scare tactics.

  5. Yea they take pics for evidence then come back when the harvest is they can charge you for multiple things there smart

  6. Damn bro, be safe man. If worst comes to worst just let all the goats in to eat the plants

  7. Hey flybird I'm in Australia gromie could you help me out with any beans? Cheers bro

  8. It's always one person fucking enough everybody dog. I'm assuming you're in Cali in the legal limit at 6 per person in a household but I don't know what county you're in of course. So if you're really worried I'll keep the big ones definitely the cherry pie and deep-sixed the rest. Start reading on some of that California grow law before they pull up on you so at least you'll be ready on that. Keep us updated! 6 out of 25 sucks…i know

  9. That sucks man. I hope you were using a VPN to post your ilegal grow. Otherwise it wouldn't be too difficult for authorities to pick up the trail. We live in a rat infested world now. Every phone is a rat, and almost everyone carries one on them at all times! I don't even own a cell phone lol I'm not into anything ilegal, phones just creep me out now that i know too much about them. With the right skill, anything can be hacked. I prefer not to walk around with a microphone on me where ever i go. In your case, maybe a hater repeorted you or the helli stumbbled across your grow who knows. All i can say is good luck, i hope you don't need to cut them down. That would be a sad day.

  10. I had the same thing happen to me last year, In my case i had a biplane flyover about 7 time's,The last flyover he took off and a helicopter came right on top of me, At the time i had 4 good size plants in a strict NO GROW suburb .This is what i did I pulled 3 of the 4 plants and left 1, They aren't gonna waste the time coming at you for 1…… in your case if you have 25 i'd get rid of 20 & leave you're best 5 if you want to keep anything at all they won't fuck with you with low numbers…I'll tell you this..Their not gonna come at you till the years end when the weight is there, They aren't gonna fuck with you while their still growing so don't sweat it right now you got time to make up you're mind. They left me alone when i brought it down to 1 They busted people all around me though.

  11. "Everybody" watches YouTube. I mean "everybody"!! Stay safe bro! ☮️

  12. Someone is probably snitching on you G if there not flowering you can just say it hemp I wouldn’t cut them just yet you right they only take them when there flowering cuz that’s when they got thc if they come just say it hemp

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