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2019 Outdoor Grow update on the girls changes and clone talk

Yep I got the date wrong and didn’t want to do another video🤔 but anyway carry on my friends hope you enjoy.

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  1. Yo , how much do expect on the purple wreck clone and vanilla frost harv
    , since u started them in july ???

  2. Where you live I live in Sonoma California this year has been a sucker punch only because the rain just kept coming and kept, I kept, I kept coming and now it's on it's gone not a plant you like struggling to half the size they were last year's at bizarre my plants are like a seven-foot-tall now and this year and it's all grown outdoors I don't do nothing under lights and then put them outside my seeds are seeds so I grow by seeds not like loans clones do not grow a Tap Root they grow feather Roots that's all they do Taproom get you down into where you need the moisture down in the ground so when you see a plant struggling your Butchart down deep enough yeah by now it should be about 8 gallons a day watering each plant usually you get about the branching I'd say about 27 branching and then she goes into veg and when she goes in the vet at 27 is going to be what usually about 4747 buds main Cola Bud on it right on do not top I like how you don't talk to your plants or do you not pull off your leaves that looks good your plants look really good

  3. Once you let your mail fertilizer females you going to fucking Hoegaarden up what you want to do is take a glad bag take your male plant cut off the bridge looks to be put in the pollen off put it in a glad bag take a glad bag put it over one bud one but not the whole plant one bud and you sprinkle it you close the bag over the bed shake it and let it sit on there for about a couple minutes and it take it off. Shake that plant at all ticket i a bread tie for the bread tie on the end of that bud so when a wire tie knot the plastic a wire talk so when your car is standing you're going through and cutting it your yellow wire ties going to come up on that but oh that's right I put that to the side you going to get about 40 seeds off that one bud but if you cross the whole plant all your buds going to taste like shit so you don't smoke that one bug with the seeds it's going to taste like shit that one but it was told hey we are we have genetics We Do genetics we got it so do it that way and you'll end up with your sheets that you do not with a million seeds on all of your plants be careful your males screw your hall Garden nuts once your female finds out she's genetically working she's going to turn like hey okay I know that so and also the pistol you want to piss off you don't have a pistol you don't know if it's a girl or boy is pretty fucking stupid when the pistols on there after 2 months of growing from seed a little pistol shows up at such a girl so you don't pull it that's why it stays and then three months later it starts to Bud gracias

  4. pistils on clones is just pre-flowers. alot of strains do it after being sexed and age in the veg room…..i take cuts up to a week in flower when some extra pistils develop….put them back in veg and i get so much more growth reverting them back to veg after a short flower cycle

  5. U should know long before cloning a mother that it is female
    U can tell the sex of a plant within first month. Least I can

  6. But ya the weather is more unpredictable then ever everything looks healthy tho so keep it rollin

  7. Must be in cali lol its crazy out here but the one time of the year u can find better cuts is during this time cuz real growers cuttin there outdoor trees to make extra money harborside in oakland but there pricey lol and still rollin the dice iv got fire and crap

  8. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 and you right about the clone game it's cold out here for us cats out here tryna grow

  9. The same thing happened to me too I bought my clones too early but you can plant seeds 2 months in advance and they will not flower before Grove season

  10. Nice job, looking good, interesting clone info, I only grow regular seeds. Good luck with the Garden!

  11. Yeah Bro Bro' u absolutely 100 bout the clone scene💥💥💥💣Cheers…

  12. Hey brother! Quality vid as always! Garden is looking awesome! Check out the videos of my garden this year so far! Let me know what you think

  13. Looking the goods mate . Been waiting for the update . Best of luck for the rest of the year 👍🇦🇺

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