Growing Cannabis

2019 Outdoor Grow Diffrent Technics & methods "Tales From an Old Wise Man"

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  1. U ever checked the dude that grows up in the trees. Outdoor treetop cannabis grow. Check it cra cra

  2. Looking Nice. Keep up the excellent work cheers and Growers love😊👍🌳

  3. Why don't you just start your seeds outside and then you don't have to worry about breaking them into the sunlight?

  4. Thank you for your share in experience and strengths. Peace Love and happiness .. Budd

  5. Animo! FlyBird I man handle my ladies daily sometimes twice a day if they are lucky!

  6. Hope all is well with the helicopters!! Be cool bro. Love the info. ☮️

  7. You mite wanta start talking to the girls about how they mite have to go away with strange men soon. Tell them you're sorry and you'll see them in the next life!!

  8. I fuck with my plsnts tuff the my homies frfr..i posted a vid about vibeing with your plant

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