Growing Cannabis

2019 Inground Marijuana Outdoor Grow

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  1. Howd you get them to that size so quickly i saw them last week nice brotha !

  2. Your garden looks dope. How many plants do you have in total? I like the editing and everything aswell, will follow you along bro. Take it easy ✌🤙

  3. Awesome location!!! Looking really healthy!!!💯💯🤜🤛🧬🍀🧬🍀🍻

  4. Girls look really good. I just cant waite for the girls to shart showing off their junk. Lol. Thanks. Keep growing!

  5. Those plants are super healthy dude, looking really vigorous, that control plant is going to be 20 feet tall. All your plants are seriously shaping up nice 👍🏻 good job, the intro was awesome I’m digging it man ✌🏻

  6. Ah Ha somebody's getting into editing , I've been kicken it around for a while but i want to get a better computer first. I'm pretty sure we got that wind storm you were talking about the other day, It was blowing like a mother F*cker in our state yesterday..Peace my friend!! ✌

  7. Hows the new intro? Farmer 420 grower guy us the boot grower not dont tred on my grow…. Sorry

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