Growing Cannabis

2019 Colorado Cannabis outdoor grow pt 10

The outdoor grow is doing amazing! Been fighting off all the aphids with ladybugs and organic pesticides. Here in the next few weeks we should start seeing …

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  1. The reason I found your video is I have had issues with thrips and aphids the last two seasons. I said screw it and Iโ€™m doing pesticides in veg. Thereโ€™s no bugs but I hate using pesticides.

  2. Oh your out east of Denver. Crazy, never knew we had turtles lol.

  3. Where in the hell are you in Colorado where turtles are everywhere. Iโ€™ve never seen a wild turtle in Colorado and I am a native.

  4. Dam brother we got the same problems….running out of room here too, plants blowing up tho…yeah buddy!

  5. Alright alright alright nice very nice great video my friend plants looking amazing great job

  6. Yo yo yo… Nice scroh net on plants… Your plants getting huge… Nice to be running out of room…

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