2019 CBD WEED GIVEAWAY‼️Smoke Review: Hippy Mood “Suver Haze”

PROTECTED BY 2018 FARM BILL CBD HEMP IS LEGAL IN 50 STATES NO MINORS , 18/21+ ONLY Support the channel by: -Subscribing, liking, …

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  1. Please keep uploading content! I love your simplistic approach to these kind of videos.

    You have a very relaxing attitude and you clearly know your shit!

    Keep it up!

  2. Yo keep posting videos! I also do reviews on weed and you could make a living if you keep hustling sister. Cheers!

  3. I just recently got a job where I had to quit smoking the Wonderful cannabis, Which I was OK with it but still missed how I felt after work, You just completely made my day by the way! Awesome review.

  4. I suggest some lifter had some from canna comforts and starseed botanicals definitely had me lifted, mind right, body right, sticky sticky

  5. I got that 48 Laws of Power. A story behind it actually, I was caught skipping school by a teacher and he took me back to school, so the dean instead of suspending me, took me to the bookstore and bought me the 48 Laws of Power + any other book.

  6. I noticed from the smoke reviews that you use papers, do you use cigarillos sometimes or just strictly papers?

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