Growing Cannabis

2019 Cannabis Re-Veg outdoor grow in Maine (#8)

growing growing insect pains.

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  1. This looks like a beautiful set up brother. Hoping you might go through your watering and feeding techniques? I'm about 6 hours north of you so i feel you on the cold nights in the early part of the year. I saw the video on what you feed, looking more for your schedule.

  2. beautiful garden my friends !!! I live in New Brunswick Canada and the heat is coming late this year. your garden is more beautiful than mine. good job !!! 🤘😎✌

    I subscribe to your channel.

  3. Ladies are looking lovely my friend 🤙 love those trellises 🌱🌲💨💣✌️

  4. U need to give those girls a lot of nitro… They have not grown much..

  5. You got some real good vids bro. Respect from michigan.
    You got the vibe we look for when we grow here.

  6. Does the mound technique work well for heavy rains. It rains all summer here and i'm trying to develop a technique that drains very well without having a greenhouse of sorts. I even Thought considering  using lots of pumice landscaping size lava rock. Humid continental climate zone. Hot humid rainy summers. Thought maybe mounds with Tyvek or something covering with a hole cut in middle for plant to stick out. That way it would repell the water. Water is not an issue here. This way it can rain all it wants and my mounds might stay dry and I can water as needed

  7. Hey man can you recommend a seed bank near maine, new Hampshire , mass. Im trying to acquire some. I dont kno how to private message so lmk please

  8. nice to hear music instead of talking. i have to wonder how many hours of direct sunlight do you have on the plants?

  9. Thx for the update video my friend garden really coming along nicely way ta go keep up the great work buddy ✌️✌️

  10. Ok ok ok, I'm digging it my brother,, living the material, salud, subd n def liked😎🙏

  11. Looks they stalking fleshy 💚 great vibes since day 1!! warm salutes Sir

  12. I bet your light bill is less than mine…lol Looking Great, cool Video, Great Door on your garden.

  13. Howdy compadre
    Ladies look healthy & happy
    Again warm greetings from Northern Cali

  14. Very lovely ladies, set up very nice.. Great video. Thank u for sharing. Respect. Salute gromie..💪👍💣

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