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2019 Cannabis Re-Veg outdoor grow in Maine (#7)

removed moss and replaced with wood chips.

CBD Essence
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  1. This is going to be a fun grow to watch. Love the plants. Love the teepee type set up with the trellis. The scenery is awesome there in the woods. Even got the music going on. Good vibes in your videos

  2. Using tree, tree branches was superb bro, people take a lesson from this guy and get those barriers built around your plants, so thos plants know that they can grow as big as the genetics will let them, plants understand that braced with a sturdy barrier will hold them branches up and keep them from breaking during flower, this is one of the main things to do to a outdoor pot grow. Going ahead and doing this early in the grow will train those plants to be trees, pay attention to them mendo dope boys and other outdoor tree planters. Brace them young plants and start training them with topping and bending them branches apart from each other, using super cropping or working them through netting like he has done!, or cages but remember storms and weather will tare them apart literally the branches just split into so keep them supported!. And work with the main tops that grow because those are going to be your big flowers, the side branches is your medium size buds that's why some people just grow focusing on just the main tops instead of topping those side branches to much!. Happy growing to everyone and may you have a blessed harvest! [grow seeker]

  3. Very cool presentation. The babies look ready to go boom 💥 after you guys in the northern hemisphere had a lousy start to your spring weather from what I’ve seen . Love your set up 👍🇦🇺👍

  4. Yeahhhhhhhh alrightttttttttt nice very nice plants looking amazing great setup everything looking beautiful I'm loving it I just subscribe like and hit the bell check me out as well and do the same I would really appreciate it bless up nuff respect cheers and growers luv

  5. Sweeeet man all the plants are looking beautiful! Growing THC Bomb niceee.. THC Bomb is some of the best i have ever smoked I love that strain! Happy growing!

  6. U gotta worry about bears or anything where you live? Only predators in Hawaii are other humans😂😂

  7. Nice outdoor Garden my friend. Keep up the excellent work cheers and Growers love.

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