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2019 Cannabis Re-Veg outdoor grow in Maine (#2)

Update on the cold weather growth and purpling of the plants.

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  1. I like the door, reminds me of here in Alabama. …nice area you have there BTW ✌

  2. Im on the organic thing now..If those girls were mine I would do a top dressing with a product called biolive..just a thought try not to tell anybody what to do!For how cold it was man I think they are doing very well!Keep growing keep smoking stay up man! Crazy man florida is almost on fire friggin 97 today!! have a good one bro..Peace

  3. Looks nice….but Mother Nature has to get temp to 75-80….the purple is the cold temp at nite

  4. To cold..I would cover them over at night..I keep mine in a greenhouse with light till June then I take them out of the then solstice kicks in and you won’t have a early flower..cheers bro☝️😤💨

  5. Put a clothes pin on the cage at the highest point of the plant. It will be a size gage,for the next viewing.

  6. He said SMOLDERING … 60° out here lololol comedy bro. Is that purple what ur trying to do?

  7. Great looking start on your outdoor grow season really nice and healthy looking thx for sharing i subscribed can’t wait for updates checkout my outdoor grow and sub thx my friend, ✌️✌️

  8. Nice outdoor Garden brother I love growing outdoors also even though I grow indoorsimplants are going to be amazingly huge once they start flowering they will take off like crazy nice job just ran across your Channel hit the like button did subscribe also hit the Bell I'll keep watching your channel brother mad respect

  9. Great looking garden they are gonna be some monsters as soon as it warms up for you.

  10. Whats up man fellow mainer here i know more than a few of us we have a chat actually .good work

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