Growing Cannabis

2019 Cannabis Re-Veg outdoor grow in Maine (#13)

putting up a rain cover for the girls.

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  1. Earliest I’ve had a strain finish fully was 75 days for an Afghan hash plant. Always takes a few weeks up to close to a month longer than breeders say for full maturity

  2. Awesome video as always. Hope the rain protection stays up. Great idea on topping again and getting hella tops. Spread that weight out. Less chance for mold

  3. Way ta go my friend making this excellent video very informative and inspiring yep we find a few sheds from deer around here to bro and about telling someone where and when ya be back from the woods is great 👍 i could tell a couple story’s about back gorilla,n b4 cell phones 😂thx again buddy ✌️✌️🔥

  4. buddy if you suddenly decide to come to Russia, write to me. I invite you to visit. I live in the city of Pskov. I won’t promise you.✌️🤙🏻👌🇷🇺

  5. Sweet tits and cold beer man! Love the shelter and plants are looking amazing. Awesome video

  6. Beautiful Grow.. I guess you're comfortable with the light penetration? I used that plastic last year for a minute but i didn't like it. Subed!!

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