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In this gardening video, we go over my indoor cannabis harvest – medical marijuana grow. Overall final dry weight was 2.4 lbs. If you enjoyed this video please …

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  1. My country (Thailand) is having a medical marijuana policy. If the law passed, I would like to have funding and will send marijuana to investors at a lower price than the market price by 40%.

  2. Hey Mr grow do you just use your central air to control the temperature in your flower tent?

  3. Have you herd of platinum led brand ? I’m debating between that brand and electric sky .

  4. those buds look much better when wet , and aslo all of them look the same , only difference being individual bud quality and density that varies a bit , other then that identical , dont know why ppl invent those names, this kush that kush , this lemon that sour , much world play for what is in essence identical stuff

  5. I know someone who gets those super dark leaves EVERY RUN on a few plants no matter what the genetics. I've never heard of them looking that bad, but i have heard of fan leaves looking so dark they're almost blue. The only variable that is constant each run is the fox farm soil+blue planet farmers pride nutes.

  6. Hey I would like to start growing weed and my Question is what was your average Energy Consumption ?

  7. Not going to lie, i dunno if its the genetics or lights or your growing but all that end product you produced is low grade weed. ill bet my life on this lol

  8. I think I have a new favorite video.
    Your work is really remarkable. I am thankful for your videos. I would love to sample your results…any…lbs
    Great job @Mr Grow It.

  9. You got over 100 grams per plant?? I hope I get that much per plant I vegged for 2 months there are multiple tops on my plants. I only topped once. How many times did u top each plant?

  10. What reflectivd material are you using at the bottom half of grow room? it looks really cool. great grow and information btw been watching your videos for a while

  11. why did you veg for 55 days? mine flip light cycles at around the 30 day mark.. this time around it was 28 days… was growing in cocoa and using house and garden nutrients. and id say mine were the same size when i flipped em

  12. 2 – 300watt + 1100 solar led which probly runs at 800w or so give it take . 1400 watts led for 2.4p is horrific but again you had 9 different strains . The garden looks amazing but the return is horrific when u do the math . Thanks for posting your garden .

  13. GPW = 0.768 assuming lights running full power


  14. Your videos are nice bro.I just got my C.O.B LED and flowering my second harvest,first harvest was not so good under T-5 😫

  15. really good vid .. going to start growing again but will get a grow tent and LED light this time around .. The plan is to grow in an 80cm x 80cm x 180cm with a phizon 1200 watt light (im restricted on space) .. only growing for myself but want 4 smallish indica plants to keep the grow length as short as poss 3 week veg 55 ish days bloom .. will be growing in coco and soil mix can you see any probs with this sort of setup and plan .. i know its a small space but its all i got …

  16. None of these buds have good bag appeal. Cool for personal smoke but definitely not top shelf in any store. You need better genetics my guy

  17. I'm not really a grower so I don't have any knowledge in what I'm about to ask but, if you grow an apple tree all the apples are gonna look a little different. If you grow the same exact strains in the same medium, environment, and feed it the same food and took care of it equally the same, but put it in a different pot, would the end product be the exact same bud down to the look, smell, taste, and potency?

  18. Great video Chris! Amazing grow & colors! Again, thank you for everything you've shared in your videos. The education and journey has been wonderful. Getting ready to begin harvesting my first crop of White Widow Auto Fem from Crop King Seeds. Peace and smooth inhales.

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