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19 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil For Pain, Anxiety & Cancer Plus Side Effects

19 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil (Plus Side Effects) Cannabidiol is a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments. Better known as CBD, it is one of …

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  1. I wanted to share these CBD video's with you.  The host is a PhD and does a fantastic job of illustrating the benefits of CBD.  I was amazed to learn that we have more CBD receptors in our cells than any other type of receptor!  So when the CBD enters the receptor, it turns on the cell function at the chromosome level.
    Also, this water-compatable, whole flower CBD is 95% bioavailable.  It's called Suthe.  (The oil based CBD is only about 8% bioavailable.) So you're getting 12x more benefits for a similar price. And because Suthe is a whole flower hemp extract, you get all the extra important auxiliary elements that work synergistically with the CBD.
     Let me know what you think.
    J. Bencze [email protected]

    This is hokey, but has good info:

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  3. It's caNNabinoids! Not cabinoid, or however you are mispronouncing it! Letters in words should be pronounced unless they are silent!

  4. Cut, Burn or Poison, everything but Cure is Big Pharma and finally their loss!
    I'm never going to the doctors again CBD is for me ; )

  5. Just today bought cbd oil in a glass vial with a dropper. Put some under my tongue. Felt relaxed.

  6. This should be useful against polymyalgia, a increasingly common stress caused condition which leads to headaches and general muscle and joint pain. The root of the problem is inflammation, treated usually by rheumatologists, so it fits and is probably better than cortisone which is the primary means to treat the condition. Also of course Rheumatoid arthritis and age related deterioration due to inflammation should respond to CBD. Thank you for this comprehensive overview! Maybe some info about formulations, dose and means of application would perhaps be a nice addition.

  7. This video is mis leading. CBD oil is extracted from the HEMP plant, NOT THE MARIJUANA PLANT! Do some homework!

  8. I use CBD oil daily. It helps with pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, etc. I have been able to go off of all pharmaceuticals. It's big Pharma Care that does not want CBD oil legalized. They know they will take a big hit in their profits, and they don't want that!
    One of the best things about CBD oil is that unlike pharmaceuticals, it t has NO side effects for me.
    I live in Canada, and it is legal to purchase not only CBD oil, but products with THC in them as well. Everyone should have access to this natural product!

  9. Nice sound, I Ord Cbd in 2week ago ,I just get it now and I just use it now ,I'm telling you guys buy Cbd it work I just feel my body change and I just use one time .God bless you guys you finds Cbd for us Be in bless in capo month use to go hospital because disaise Doctor told me my blood is low I have a potacum I'm glad to meet with guys

  10. What is difference between the oil drops and the inhaler?
    Is one way better than the other?

  11. I love CBD oil & flower ..just get the right one cause once the government gets ahold of it they ruin all the benifits and only care about the money

  12. Sofa King, the bigger picture needs to be looked at here. Like you said, there is enough evidence out there about the benefits of cannabis, but if this is legalised and everyone gets well or even cured, who is going to lose out, the Pharmaceuticals and they will not allow that to happen. I have always said that if everyone was fit and healthy we would not need gyms, diets, medication and so on. The governments and big corporate companies job is to keep us ill in order to justify the existence of the above, so do not expect the UK to allow it. The contradiction in relation to cannabis is that Britain exports the largest amount of cannabis to the rest of the world, so why can't they legalise it here.

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