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100,000+ Restaurants SHUT DOWN In 2020 – The Restaurant Apocalypse

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  1. I was train be chef until ate food was algic too maybe they should use defunk malls and converted them using greenhouse like doing in Pittsburgh
    They rent them for each party so they not paying for waste space then can huge freezers for all to reduce waste cause scan box sharing staff would help reduce cost cause pay them in 4 hour shifts
    Only draw back choices can effect your bottom line and need software so it doesn't cause fight

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  3. What kind of fun is it to go to the restaurants when they make you wear a mask to enter the establishment and you can't take it off until you are served food and then you have to put the mask back on when you are done eating. Plus you have to look at all these people wearing masks while waiting for their food. This is very unappetizing to me and I will avoid any restaurant that makes me wear a mask( most require it or no entry ) and will cook at home.

  4. My restaurant died back in the last one in '08. What I learned too late is going out to restaurants is the first thing people cut when there is an economic downturn not even to mention a plague. My recommendation to any restaurant owner now, cut early and save up to relaunch later. Or if you can rent a cheap place and setup a kitchen for takeout and delivery only location. Especially if you own your equipment. Use the app delivery services and setup your own app or web page and take advantage of this pandemic to keep your food out there. Low overhead and you don't have to have dine-in staff. Then when this goes away expand back to dine-in. Sucks for some of your employees but hey that's America

  5. I live in Belfast Northern Ireland I recently had a short trip to almeria in Spain on 2 occasions I went to eat out on both occasions the restaurants had a total of 4 diners and more staff between table staff and kitchen staff. About 8 people I really felt sorry for the staff and owners as I know from previous visits they would normally have 50 60 customers. This weekend all cafes bars and restaurants have been closed for 4 weeks. It is estimated by Christmas that 100,000 people will be unemployed due to the closures. Total population 1.8 million so that is 1 out of 18 unemployed.

  6. I'm arranging a birthday dinner for my Mom at a restaurant in Claremont that has a large patio seating, it will be large group. They already had this in place before the lockdown so they were at an advantage and were able to thrive even though they can't use their indoor seating. Contrary to what you may hear from the news Californians are eager to go out but the policies have strangled the life out of many once-thriving restaurants that only have indoor seating or pickup. So many are gone but still, some are surviving, some just put outdoor seating in front of their restaurants. I think many would do better if they were allowed to have half compacity for indoor seating. I would go to more if that was the case because I'm telling you once winter comes, we have rain, and yeah it can get cold where I live so no one will be using outdoor seating which means pickup and delivery are the only options. I doubt the politicians care so long as the remaining restaurants keep paying their high taxes for nothing.

  7. 7:08 This is not from the pandemic, this is from the actions of state governments and public health departments. If we didn't have the ridiculous arbitrary restrictions imposed by the states and whatever the restaurants come up with to make it look like they are doing something, I would likely go out much more. It is stupid that I have to wear a face covering to enter a building but can take it off when I sit at the dining table.

  8. My weekly order of Chinese food went up $3 in one week and the portion was smaller. What do you do? I only eat out once a week so its no big deal. I am willing to sacrifice some of my income to help keep these people in business.

  9. I hate so many restaurants shut down, but I have to say I hate take out, if I go OUT I want to stay OUT and eat at the restaurant use their napkins, trash, and dishes depending on where I go. I don't want to take the food home with me, it's gotten cold by the time I got home and then have to fill up my trash and whatnot. A good many of the places I have gone charge take out fees even if it was all they offered. Additionally, if I have to take out when I can't go home such as a luch break, I have to eat in my vehicle and keep the trash with me. I know it's not the restaurant's fault that many are take out only, but I see far less of a reason to go out when quality has dropped and I'm going back home to eat anyway, I'll save my money and eat at home.

  10. Yeah my was also among and it was only my source of income and for my family. We depend on that restaurant I won't believe that I'll be okay without my restaurant πŸ˜‚ but I did

  11. The most innovative during this time will survive. Can you provide solutions that people can make a living and gain skills at the same time? Restaurants didn't adapt to mobile based business models until this pandemic hit….This is also the fourth industrial revolution occurring as well, so those businesses who did not establish a workflow especially during this social media era then they are hurting as well.

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  13. 100.000 restourants at an average 10 to 15 employes we are looking at 1million to 1.5 million jobs that are permaneny gone. The ripple effect of this will be huge. All those people pay rent, own houses have car payments. The chain of a business being closed is big. Includes the loan of starting the business, the rent on the building owner etc.

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