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1000 Subs. Ty so much Viewers. Outdoor Marijuana Grow

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  1. Great looking outdoor grow buddy thx for sharing the update video ✌️✌️🔥if ya get a chance checkout my new outdoor update video thx

  2. Congrats man! I always enjoy your updates, keep it up you’ll be to 10k in no time 👍🏻

  3. It would help to weave the tops through the trellis to make them flat. It looks like you're just letting them pop up through it in the video. I don't think you necessarily need another trellis, just make use of the ones you have.

  4. Give credit where it's due my brother!!!
    Great vids and Channel!! Plants are💣💣

  5. Cheers and congrats on the 1k subs. Definitely keep the content coming brother 🔥💪💪👍🤟😎

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