πŸ’₯ AIvape Scale RTA – A True MTL Vape πŸ’₯

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  1. Being a Chicagoan, you know where Canada is. We are broad in North America from Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean. I am sorry buddy Mark, I am just an angry man at the moment. Spongebob-' thirty minutes later'. Best thoughts from me to you lovely people.

  2. This reminds me a little bit of SOA's Whisper RTA with the wicking. Unfortunately, a deal breaker for me. I wanted to like the Whisper so much and just don't. Too many good / easy to wick MTL RTAs out there today for me to take a chance on something like this. Thanks for the review though.

  3. I bleeb AI is a child of Augvape. Great to see you do a build, been a while, and tricky as it was ya got 'er did! Informative and entertaining as always, nicely done young man.

  4. ugly rta, i think they used all polish on their recent RDA. πŸ™‚ (EDIT, AIMIDI was a clone company that cloned kangertech. And the logo was very much like AIVAPE. I think it same as augvape)

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